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David Shaw

Brunswick Heads NSW

I am engrossed in painting; each blank canvas is the beginning of an adventure into unknown territory. I tend to work cold, that is, I have no destination in mind. As an abstract artist I allow myself the freedom to experiment without the impediment of reality. What results must satisfy me; it is my hope that viewers will also find something to enjoy.

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About David Shaw

I am described as a late starter, having discovered the love of creating on the eve of my retirement. Now, twenty years later, after success as a sculptor, I am finding great satisfaction as a painter. I describe myself as an abstract artist, abstraction allows the freedom to let the mind direct, not necessarily influenced by reality. Life itself provides enough subject matter to make it easy to create. A blank canvas is the invitation to begin, the first brush strokes fuel the urge to continue, the mind free of all outside influence. To finish the painting to my satisfaction is the aim. Later is the added joy of knowing someone else enjoys the result.

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