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Inspired by colour, movement and the paint itself, I let the moment take me anywhere on the canvas….and wherever else the paint may land.

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Have been painting in Oils for 20 years, starting off in a traditional landscape/still life style, but gradually evolving to wherever inspiration, and the paint and colour take me. I have Illustrated Children’s books, working in Acrylic, however the flow, movement and deep depth of colour of Oil’s are truly addictive.

My art is wide and varied, and provides me with endless joy, with the odd moment of frustration along the way. The joy of my art is that I don’t put any restrictions on it. It flows, it comes from ideas, visions and sometimes just from playing with paint. The whole point of being a creative person, is to be creative, so I can’t lock into a particular style and paint that style over and over. The closest I come to that are my fish paintings, but I love my fish paintings, they are so relaxing, therapeutic and never quite the same as I chase the swimming fish around the canvas.
Sometimes I will start a painting with a particular idea, or style in mind, but as soon as I apply paint to the canvas I see something happening that I simply can’t resist. So the original idea is taken over by the intriguing possibilities of the unknown creation that lies ahead. Sometimes that creation is nothing special, or lost in the overworked searches for that magic painting that came from nowhere. Sometimes, that magic painting does come from nowhere, and I stand back amazed and wonder how it happened. My years of experience have taught me to trust my artistic instincts, so more often than not, I am pleased with the results.
I have no doubt that my unrestricted “style” probably works against my marketable profile, but I love the way I can paint with freedom and I cannot wait to see what I come up with next.

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