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Danielle Piat

Port Douglas

Danielle Piat lives and works as a full time artist in Port Douglas, North Queensland.
She creates abstract sculptures, Sgraffito prints and original paintings inspired by women and nature

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About Danielle Piat

In the pursuit of artistic expression, sculpture has always been Danielle Piat’s chosen technique. Although a highly skilled multidisciplinary artist in various art methods including drawing, painting and sgraffito, sculpture prevails as the way Danielle believes she is best emotionally expressed.

In creating her dramatic, idiosyncratic works, Danielle draws on a selection of materials, with clay as the current preferred medium. “Clay brings back halcyon days when, as a child I would sit by the dam on the family farm and play with the wet mud to form ‘sculptures’”, Danielle says. “Each sculpture I create allows me to revel in past happiness, and I think part of that childhood happiness can be glimpsed in each sculpture.”

Key themes across her practice include studies around the feminine and animal oriented, along with the whole human form. There is a clear overriding philosophy that all living creatures are intertwined on this Earth, and the visual symbolism of how each are affected by the other is a significant focus in her work.

Selected exhibitions include Melting Pot (Cairns Art Gallery, Cairns, 2018) ,Foot Square (Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2019) and most recently one of a few select artists in Call of the Running Tide – a Sculptural Environmental Sculpture Event. Currently exhibiting in Art in Transit Gallery, Port Douglas

Danielle is influenced by Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Henry Moore – the brilliance of Picasso and his abstraction and preoccupation with female subjects, Frida for her difficult journey and passion for animals and Henry for his semi-abstractive sculptures.

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