Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia

Redcliffe Peninsula, Queensland, Australia

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What I like about my work is the interplay between the gestural application of my primer/paper ground and the watercolour layers.

The different absorption effects due to the paper ground and the watercolours fluidity make the work free, loose and tridimensional.

The paper ground textures are applied in a gestural abstract manner with a painting knife. This helps to make the work more mysterious offering you a unique story where to dream.

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About Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia

It is with joy and a certain pride that I announce that a second artwork being selected for an award in less than 3 months.
Winter Dish expressionist still life has been selected to be in the Moreton Bay Art Award a yearly event in the State of Queensland.

In show at the Pine Rivers Regional Gallery in the Moreton Bay Region

2020 has been as for everyone a little unsettling.
4- Redcliffe Regional Gallery Exhibition of Excellence and short listed for an award Nov 5th to Dec 7th 2020

3-Sept 2020 AWARD Highly Commended Award Art from Arts from the Margins Gallery and exhibition 17 Sept to 27 Oct

2-S A S S Y body of works was scheduled to travel in Australia in different States in 2020, it was cancelled.

1-I was scheduled for an art residency overseas for May 2020 and his was cancelled.

S A S S Y solo exhibition 2019 was a great success. Over 400 visitors in less than 20 open days came to see my new body of works at the Old Fire Station Gallery, in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia.

The very positive feedback from the public and naturally artworks acquisition motivated me greatly.

Daniele’s formative art years were in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is from a long lineage of visual artists, art curators, archaeologists and fervent explorers. What makes her art so unique is the interplay of watercolour’s fluidity and the spontaneity of the gestural marks.
Her artworks though figurative in essence are like a visual improvisation making the story unique.

Her original themes make her art remarkably distinctive and vivid. Her flamboyant uses of watercolours and unorthodox range of mix media is wild and fits the mood of each visual story she creates.

Daniele has held several solo shows of her various body of works, she has also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Australia and throughout the world where ever she lived. She has won many awards, prizes and commendation over the years especially in sculpture and drawing which she is passionate about.

Daniele’s best known sculpture is a huge ephemeral fire sculpture which was set on fire at the Wynnum, Queensland Festival foreshore in 2014 where over 10,000 persons assisted and saw the kinetic play of the animal shapes creating the theme dancing in the fire.
See the video link below.

D Lamarche-Sarvia
is French-Canadian born and Australian since 1992.

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