Daniel Jurin

Gold Coast

Daniel Jurin is an artist, photographer and art educator located on the Gold Coast. His work is testament to how ‘addicted’ he is to the ocean and the beach. Daniel’s work captures moments in a day and almost always seem to revolve around water and the beach. His paintings have featured in several galleries in the Gold Coast and he has been awarded multiple prizes in local painting competitions in recent years.

Artworks: 14

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About Daniel Jurin

My work is about capturing light. I am excited by shadows and reflections and the colours that play when light comes in contact with water. I paint expressively, with looseness and often quickly. My work often relies on chance and not thinking too much, or not thinking at all. I enjoy the challenge of producing a painting in one session, or at most two. The majority of my paintings are never seen, they end up hidden or discarded. However, every so often, the balance of concentration and chance combine well enough to create a work that is worth framing.

I often find myself painting the local beach scenes or using my painting as an excuse to travel to find inspiration from beaches across the eastern coast of Australia.

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