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D Zanesco

Brisbane, Australia

Australian artist based in Brisbane, south-east Queensland, with a natural affinity for birds. Animals as a specialty, although experienced at painting all subjects, including portraits.

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About D Zanesco

Beginning with an interest in art when I was young by drawing cartoons and animals, with particular memories of drawing dinosaurs and other large creatures. I continued to draw through primary school when deciding to study Visual Art in high school. Having been taught by an experienced artist whilst attending art classes, he noticed my talent and insisted I start painting as it was an extension of drawing. This teacher continued to encourage me to seek out competitions, to associate with art societies and to exhibit my work. With this, my marks were improving as my depth of understanding was greater. I began to unearth many different historical artists, who would have an influence on my artworks throughout the rest of high school.

As soon as I had graduated, I decided to study Graphic Design at the Bremer Institute of Tafe, half-way through the course, moving to the Southbank Institute of Technology as it was closer to home. I now hold a Diploma of
Graphic Design.

I am influenced by the old masters and likewise, strive to achieve realism, balance and harmony in my artworks. I am also influenced by masters of modern day styles, such as wildlife artists including Raymond Harris Ching and Robert Bateman. Frank Frazetta’s dynamic artworks have had a great impact on me artistically. In the past few years of being an artist, I have won a number of prizes and sold artworks in exhibitions and via commissions.

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