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Craig Middleton


Artistic Inspiration:

Dr Sues – for his sense of fun and a philosophy that even children can use and understand to help themselves.

Salvador Dali – again for his sense of fun and having the courage to challenge himself and the society to think differently.

Michael Angelo – for the sheer uplifting spiritual excellence of his work.

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About Craig Middleton

My purpose:

One of my main purposes would be to de-stimulate rather than re-stimulate, more simply I like the idea of making people feel happier, more positive and creative in their own lives through the use of colour and aesthetics.

I think there is nothing more interesting than a human being and thats why I paint them.


Born in Hertfordshire, England in 1964

I was introduced to the world of art originally through my training as a Chef in 80s London.

At that time I was living in Mayfair right in the middle of all the action.

I was fortunate enough to have been trained under Louis Outhier who was a key contributor to nouvelle cuisine which used the plate as a canvas for food.

Here is where I learnt discipline, hard work, the importance of preparation and a flare for the original and for colour.

Working at this level placed me in close contact with many high profile people including: all the attendees of the Rock and Pop awards as well as Royalty, politicians and actors.

Current day

Today I am based in Melbourne Australia. When I began painting years ago all I was really doing was experimenting with colour. My original idea was to find some sort of style or colour combinations that was uniquely mine. I soon discovered that I would never stop experimenting since that in itself is the real joy of painting for me.

Thank you for your support. Craig.

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