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Claudia Claveria


My paintings are a little bit Art Deco meets Pop Art.

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About Claudia Claveria

I am a Sydney based artist who has been painting over the last 10 years. My art style is a little bit Art Deco meets Pop Art, with a ‘stained glass’ look based on clean lines and blocks of colour. I take interesting and beautiful things, swirl them around my mind for a while before channeling them into a painting.

I have a particular interest in the era of the early to mid-20th Century, a fascinating time where modern life as we know it started taking shape amongst significant world events. I am especially drawn to the styles that emerged in architecture (including Art Deco and Art Nouveau) and the advancements that were made in movies, both in the technology and the story telling. Local neighbourhood architecture is also an inspiration.

Creating art is a slow process for me; I start by sketching an idea, then I choose the colours and where they will go. I paint exclusively in acrylics as this medium is perfect for my approach of reimagining and reinterpreting the Art Deco style. I take my time to paint, building texture through layers and tweaking the design right through until the painting is finished.

Thanks for stopping by to look at my work.

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