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Chloe Wigg Acrylic Artist 2

Chloe Wigg

Brisbane, Qld

Contemporary abstract artist Chloe Wigg creates pieces in her iconic style fluid impressionism.

Artworks: 15

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About Chloe Wigg

My work is a celebration of the joy I feel every day, a celebration of life and human resilience.
I remember the moment I started calling myself an artist. It wasn’t on the sale of my first work, or my first public showing. It was in the winter of 2017 when I was asked why I create. Why, when I was bone tired and in agony to be found still with paint brush in hand capturing the colours of my mind. There are many answers to this question: It is an escape from real life and pain, it is a compulsion, it makes me happy, it makes others happy……but they are only surface answers. True but not the whole truth. Only one answer really gets to the truth of the matter; my art lets me see and be.

As humans we spend our whole lives looking but not seeing. We look at a tree, but we rarely take the time to see it. As with seeing, feeling is often hurried over. We label emotions to avoid them. We seek happiness without sorrow, love without hate. We are looking instead of seeing. Art helps me to remove all other physical, mental and emotional restraints and experience a moment in time fully.
Some people go their whole lives without seeing and being, I get to capture that precious moment in time and share it with others. This is the true meaning of being an artist of any kind. Seeing what others overlook, feeling what others ignore and striving to capture it to share.

Getting to know me:
After being injured working as a paramedic, I was thrust into a whole new world. One of pain, disability and grief. My world became one of cold sterile whites, placid greys and clinical blues, the colours of hospitals. For years I used art as a personal form of escape and solace from my situation, my work became a way to escape the pain and fear. I was hiding from reality in a colourful world of my own making.
But then after a miraculous surgery where an electrical wire was placed against my spinal cord near the base of my skull, I was freed from my purgatory. My world just exploded with colour. What I could only dream of was now my every waking moment. Colours where brighter, flowers smelled sweeter, music was emotional and rich. I was overwhelmed by its richness and complexity and my work represents that. I use striking bold colours that are restrained and framed against negative space. My works hold the fine line between vivid and overwhelming. They draw in the viewer and allow them to let go of their surroundings, their hurt, their pain and to simply get lost in a colourful rich world. These paintings bring hope and colour into any space, but more importantly, they make light the heavy burdens of those who look upon them.
I work predominantly with fluid media on large single, diptych or trypich pieces, these works showcase order in chaos. My work represents life and all its complexities. It shows the onlooker that challenges in life make us see the world in a whole new light. To be present every-day, and that beauty can be found when you let go of control, see instead of look and listen to your heart.
I hold workshops to help people embrace colour and to see the beauty in letting go. I accept commissions, collaborations and invitations to exhibit.

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