Cheryl Hart

Gold Coast, Qld

Cheryl is a Gold Coast-based intuitive artist, known for her ethereal works featuring Angels, Animals and Angelic-inspired themes.

Artworks: 11

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About Cheryl Hart

The artistic process is one that is transformative and healing for Cheryl as she connects visions and feelings in themes that are symbolic and significant to her, with her art becoming the expression of this journey.

Artistic Statement
“ART is my bridge to experience what is possible in my life.
Creating from a vision and bringing this to life on a canvas is inspiring. The artistic process reminds me of my ability to create in other areas of my life when I step away from the easel.

I find inspiration all around me and my paintings seem to find me from the visions I see in my mind’s eye. The world looks so beautiful and magnificent, when looking with the view of painting life’s reflections.
I love conveying emotions in my work and exploring the undefined and limitless nature of life.

I started my working career as an Accountant, and making a shift to painting full time has been both a blessing and a gift. I discovered a part of myself when I picked up a paint brush, and I’m excited by the ongoing adventure of seeking self expression through my artwork.
I’m committed to bringing the visions I see into the physical through my work, in the most powerful and emotional way I can by exploring and seeking new ways to communicate the beauty I see and feel around me. “

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