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Charlotte Bromley

Australia & UK

Multidisciplinary artist originally from the UK.
My current works explore digital techniques and processes to form colourful and experimental nature designs that appear both graphical and free-hand in style and aesthetic.



Artworks: 21

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About Charlotte Bromley

Multidisciplinary artist originally from the UK. Nature has always been the inspiration for my work and I’ve always been drawn to its’ colours, patterns, shapes and its’ femininity.

The notion of femininity and masculinity and the tension between the two is an underlying theme within my work. It is subtly echoed through the contrast and merging of shapes, colour and pattern. Natural and organic curvy shapes I often contrast with lines and geometric structures. Experimenting with shape and colour in this way has subsequently created a sense of playfulness within my works.

Even the practical processes and tools I use to create each piece explore my process of contrasting. By using both digital (digital brushes) and traditional mediums (collage, drawing & painting), I am able to develop mixed media works that appear both graphical yet free-hand in style and aesthetic.

Contrasting and comparing both subject matter and the ‘visual’, is my method of how I work.

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