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Melbourne, Australia

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About Cathy Sofarnos

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed a love of art, sewing and making things . Bag making, quilting, felting, patchwork and textile art has been my main focus for many years. Textile art in particular, has been an ongoing obsession. Recently, about 5 years ago, I added painting to the mix. Painting gave me a new freedom of expression that allowed the execution of my ideas to be freer and more immediate. It gave me permission to explore different colour combinations and find a more fluid and expressive style. And it is the combination of all these creative expressions that has resulted in large scale abstract paintings, one of a kind clutch purses, statement piece home-wares, and fabrics that I have recently turned into a small business. ‘Perfect Chaos art’ is the name I gave to my business and perhaps best describes my view of the world and my work, and is both a direct reflection of my surroundings and an imaginary world of color, movement and texture.

A kaleidoscope of rich and luscious color is the driving force behind my artwork … My paintings are an abstract representation of both the urban street landscape and the beauty of the natural world. Long walks deep into the forest of the Dandenong ranges in Melbourne’s outer east, offers me daily inspiration. Glorious views of tall dark trees against a backdrop of an ever changing sky of vibrant colour is breathtaking. The colors of a winter sunset often show up in my paintings. I try to capture the abstract essense of nature, which represents a world of chaos and order all at the same time. Similarly, I find an endless fascination with a somewhat controlled, inner city, concrete, environment (concrete garden) offset by the freedom and perhaps rebellious expression of graffiti and street art. That sometimes, ‘difficult to resist’, temptation to scribble over everything also shows up in my work.

I work spontaneously and rarely begin with a plan in mind. I let each painting evolve intuitively as I build each layer and I often experiment with unusual colour combinations. I mostly use acrylics and apply the paint in various ways.. I love to drip it, throw it, scrape it and scribble with it.. I love to use spray paint, oil pastels, paint pens and sometimes graphite pencils. I usually know when a piece is complete but sometimes I will let it ‘sit’ and ‘be’ for a while, to be sure. When I am satisfied, each piece is finished with a satin varnish to enhance the colours and depth of the painting, which also protects its surface.

My paintings are often large in size and because of the, sometimes ‘busy’ nature of the work, in my opinion, they are best viewed and appreciated in an uncluttered and minimalist environment.

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