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Cathy Gilday

Gold Coast

For me, nature is a wonderful catalyst, so being based on the Gold Coast and surrounded by natures beauty, makes my search for creative inspiration a breeze.

Artworks: 344

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About Cathy Gilday

Cathy Gilday believes that creating art is a wonderful way to express herself. She feels that painting her emotions, can be a confronting thing to do, but at the same time, finds it very liberating, to produce such honest and heartfelt creations. Cathy enjoys using many different mediums and likes to keep an open mind, always experimenting with new techniques and products.  While painting, she often finds herself completely absorbed in her creations, thus time is never a factor. It is her opinion that an art piece should not be rushed or forced but be allowed to evolve naturally.

Cathy’s work is held in private collections throughout Australia, Germany, Hong kong, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Switzerland, UK and the USA. Her works have also featured in Australian the productions, ‘The Bureau of Magical Things’ and the new ABC series ‘In Limbo,’ released in 2023.

Over the years, she has donated many works to raise funds for charities such as the Leukemia Foundation, the Breast Cancer Foundation, Save Lives Donate Organs Inc, IWaG I Want a Greyhound Inc. Greyhound rehoming and Incognito nonprofit organisation.