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Catherine Fiddis

Sydney, Australia

I’m a visual artist originally from the UK, now living in Sydney.

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About Catherine Fiddis

I have spent my life painting, drawing and creating .

However, at university and in my early employment, I pursued an International Business degree and went on to work for various different financial corporations. Taking up a business career whilst deeply longing to pick up a paint brush for me, is like the relationship between oil and water. Even if you keep trying to stir the two together, nothing will mix. I knew I could no longer live without doing the thing i love – which is painting! And naturally, I now live and work as a full time artist in Sydney. My training has been mostly self taught. However, during college I was lucky enough to celebrate the following artistic achievements: obtaining an Art Scholarship (2007-2013); 1st place – in the ISA Midlands Art Competition (2013); displayed work at the Warwickshire Open Studio Art Event (2013) and 2nd place in the Midlands ISA Art Competition (2012).

My work often depicts portraiture, figures and nudes. My current art is delving into to separate series of work looking at “Contentment”. As such I explore peoples most vulnerable and open moments. Representing themes such as peace, loneliness, solitude, confusion, love, self acceptance and trust.

In my “Contentment” series I explore the relationship between nature, nudity and inner peace with ourselves and our bodies.
In this series I have tried to depict womanly figures and their relationship with nature. I intended to visualise the relationship between nature, self acceptance and the female figure. For instance, “Walking Freely” and “Content and Present” are a few paintings in this series. These pieces create my idea of freedom and self love, and showcases the need for women to be free in their own bodies and to learn to let go and look outside of their own insecurities.

In the last year I created my “Vulnerability” series. Here I wanted to look at very personalised, nuanced and private moments of everyday life. For example, “Come Lay With Me” for the viewer may conjure feelings of sexuality, safety and trust. Additionally, I intended for “Waiting All our Lives” to depict solitude, loneliness and self acceptance.

I will be producing and uploading more art works for both series mentioned in the near future. I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for taking the time to view my art.

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