Carrie Pitcher

Fairfield, VIC

I am an emerging contemporary artist based in Melbourne, producing large scale contemporary portraiture and abstract compositions in oil an synthetic polymer on canvas.

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About Carrie Pitcher

My work is at once representational and abstract, the combination of abstract mark making, and the carefully executed portrait satisfies my desire for both organic gesture and control.

My portraiture explores themes of feminine dynamism and identity. There is an intentional juxtaposition of the soft and hard. The women are strong, there is a tribal quality to the energetic brushstrokes projected across the women’s faces and bodies, emboldening and war like, and yet in the absence of the ubiquitous male gaze, a more intimate and emotional tone is accessible, and for me a deeper understanding of the collective feminine identity.

In my abstract work I am exploring materiality, through texture and line on a 2D plane. Choosing each composition through aesthetic intuition, I strive for gestural satisfaction and aesthetic harmony in equal measure.

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