Candace Slager

Gold Coast QLD

Drawing Artist

WINNER – 2020 Art Lovers Prize

Featured in Home Design Magazine

FINALIST – 2021 Art Lovers Prize

Candace Slager creates eye catching, realistic work using colour pencil and graphite.

Artworks: 31

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About Candace Slager

“I choose my subjects like I choose my food: I’ll have a little of everything”

Candace is a drawing artist living on Australia’s Gold Coast. She is best known for her diverse subjects and detailed works that catch the eye. Primarily working with colour pencil and graphite, Candace specialises in expressing realism through her technique.

Her art’s ability to capture realistic detail and captivate and move emotions resulted in her piece ‘This is not a drill’ being announced the winner of the 2020 Art Lovers Australia Prize.

Candace’s work is often inspired by something offbeat, situations of everyday life or from her travels. Some pieces tell a clear story, others allow the viewer to derive their own meaning and connection. Being unencumbered by set themes and subjects allows her to create something truly unique to the occasion.

She has been told she is “down-to-earth” in her creative approach and talents. She welcomes the description as she firmly believes art skills are attainable by anyone. “It takes dedication, hard work and practice, rather than wishful thinking and an artsy-fartsy smock!”

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