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Brittany Alyce

Perth, Western Australia

” Art is the daughter of freedom”
Friedrich Schiller

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About Brittany Alyce

I am a self-taught artist and am pursuing a career in Art Therapy.
What I need from my art influences the style in which I create. It can be hectic, busy with a sense of playfulness. These abstract paintings use a wide range of colours, often overlapping and intertwining with each other. The aim of these is to capture the essence of childhood, a sense of freedom with few rules. This is why these pieces have children’s toys incorporated into them. I work with children and I take inspiration in how they see our world. Although these paintings have a child-like feel to them, they are still suited for adults to enjoy.
Other times my art is structured and has a geometric feel to it. I generally use only one colour of ink on white paper. These drawings represent the more logical side of me; although they look chaotic, there is an element of discipline.
I am always looking out for ways to expand my art and give more soul to it.

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