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Melbourne based Artist and Osteopath who loves to draw, create and be inspired!

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About Briony Joy

Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, I found my love for art at a young age; forever drawing on anything I could find. I continued to draw all through school, even participating in the arts institution and studying it though my final years of high school. As I got older and started to worry about university and my studies, drawing got put on the back burner and regrettably was reduced to a holiday hobby. Now that I’m graduating university to become an Osteopath I’m realising that I only want that to be part of my life, primarily I want to draw and create! It makes me happy and at the end of the day gives me something to look at and be proud.
Having studied anatomy extensively at university I found a love and fascination for the human body, using that as inspiration for some of my artwork. In such a modern and digital age its extremely easy to see other peoples work, how they use different mediums and draw inspiration from all art forms and imagery.
While still experimenting and finding ‘my style’ I continue to create vastly different artwork series that I and, I hope you too, will enjoy.

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