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Bret Polok

Halls Head W.A

Painter, mixed media and digital-print artist influenced by street art and pop art.

Artworks: 64

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About Bret Polok

Bret Polok is an Urban Pop artist, screen printer and digital printmaker.                                  His work is influenced by street, suburban and pop culture.
He studied Fine Arts at Curtin University W.A, but is otherwise self-taught.                          Bret lives in an old bungalow near the beach in Halls Head with his wife and teenage son, and creates his art pieces in the back shed studio. He enjoys writing, riding his scooter, beach walking and fishing.

Over the decades he has worked mainly as an artist, screen-printer, textile designer and street-wear designer. He was an expat artist, mosaic designer and gallery owner in Bali for 15 years. During that time he sold paintings to clients from all over Europe, Asia, and Australia. His paintings were popular in France and shown in several galleries there. His art has been hung in galleries in Paris, Nice, Toulouse, French Noumea, Miami-USA, New York, Singapore, Jakarta and Bali. More recently in 2019 he was shown in an International Street Art Show in Jakarta with 14 other artists including Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Space Invader.

“My art often deals with consumerism and the suburban dream. In my works I explore both the brightness and the darkness of that dream with a combo of pop colour and street edginess. I also explore the cult of celebrity and the illusion of the beauty model and fashion advertising, the way the female image is used as the bait or prize. I like to subvert and break down our idea of beauty and the constant image of the perfect female. I’m not sure if I always succeed, but it’s fun trying to make new, edgy ‘street queens’ or my ‘uptown girls’ as I like to call them, crowned with domestic objects and random symbols, but still a thing of surreal beauty..?”

My works are presented in three formats –

1 – Pop Art (paintings).   2 – Street Art (Mixed Media)    3 – Digital Art (Prints).

1 – The Pop Art work uses acrylic paint in screen-printed and hand-painted layers of imagery built up on canvas in a collage style. I try to show the contradictions of the suburban dream with all its guilty pleasures by using pop irony and humour in my work. Often I’ll include risque ads or images from vintage mens magazines, or images that allude to war, poverty and pollution-these work as subtle layers beneath the bright happy veneer – just like real life!? I combine images from a wide variety of reference points, past and present, then mix and layer them together with my own voice and influences, to create original one-off pieces.”

2  – The street art works are created using mixed media – recycled band and gig posters that I’ve torn from street walls around Perth and Fremantle- photocopies, digital art, spray paint, stencils and collage. This is where I often use the female figure as a vehicle to create deconstructed versions of beauty and allure, transforming them into contemporary icons adorned with all the flotsam and jetsam of this modern industrial life. Once again I do this in a playful ironic way using bright pop colours to create a subversive beauty.

3 – The prints are large digital artworks in a street art style that make a bold impact on a wall or room. My prints cover a spectrum of influences, pop icons, musicians, celebrities, and more of my “street queens” or my “uptown girls”. These are high quality and high resolution prints on art grade paper with a satin finish. The print fees may seem a little pricey but these are large prints that come in a limited edition of 1-6 only. Sent rolled in a tube. Just need framing. Each print is signed and numbered on the back.

I’ve completed many commissioned works from both Australian and international clients and am always happy to discuss your ideas or requirements. So please feel free to contact me to discuss custom orders.

Bret’s art decorates clients walls in UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, French Noumea, Monaco, Macau, HK, Indonesia, USA, China, Russia, Australia, NZ.

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