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Bodhi Del Mar

Gold Coast, QLD

Bodhi Del Mar is a photographer & visual artist who creates surreal images from travelling around the globe; including Antarctica, Africa & India. Her whimsical & metaphorical artworks invite us to take a breath & contemplate our deeper connection with both the natural world as well as our higher selves.

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About Bodhi Del Mar

As I explore the outer, so I explore the inner. I’m deeply compelled to examine our connection to the natural world and how this parallels the connection we have with our highest self.”

After studying commercial photography and working in the industry for 10 years, Bodhi deep dived into a creative cocoon. With photography as her springboard she experimented with a wide range of media to develop her own unique arts practice. With this new found liberation, she refined her conceptual and composite techniques to create surreal and bewitching imagery from her travels, often speaking to both her outer and inner world experiences.

​”I’m drawn to psychology, symbolism and the journey of the human soul, often using recurring metaphors to tap in and shine a light into the deep subconscious. Each dream-like scene is intended to thoroughly delight and amplify a childlike curiosity and spirit – to hopefully inspire a more mindful heart and heartened mind.”

Starry night skies, haunting figures and wild animals amongst ethereal landscapes are all photographed in the real world then stitched together digitally, some images taking over 100 hours to complete.

All artworks are available as signed and numbered Limited Edition giclée prints.

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