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Bianca Goncalves

South Coast, NSW

Bianca Gonçalves is an emerging artist based on the South Coast, NSW. Her minimalist and colourfield style communicates mood, movement, depth and energy through the contrasts and harmonies of colour.

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About Bianca Goncalves

As an emerging artist, Bianca has produced a collection that has evolved from an experimentation of colour relationships and synergies. Colour and lines form abstracted representations of the spirit felt within the scenes and landscapes she is exposed to.

The process is meditative, organic and reactive. Minimalist in composition and rich in textures and layers. Each piece is a journey, allowing free formation and expression through intuition.

Influenced by colour connections and textures found in nature; she is passionate about the intricacies, power and impact of colour.

“Colour exudes an unharnessed energy and impact. Colour is not just seen, it is felt. My intention is to encapsulate, portray and share a sense of this in my work through the language and synergy of colour” – Bianca Gonçalves.

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