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Bernadette Meyers


Fine art photography to transform your space into a peaceful oasis.

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About Bernadette Meyers

As a maker or viewer, we all bring our own story to a piece of artwork. Art is a combination of the story the subject tells and our life.

True art makes a statement about something, it changes the atmosphere of the space it occupies.  I’ve made it my life’s mission to be an ambassador for peace, making artworks which create a sanctuary in the spaces they hang. My work reveals the simple beauty in everyday life that we tend to rush past in our over-scheduled, device-ruled days.

Receiving beautiful pictures from any subject; nature, people, landscapes, sunsets… is a gift. Sometimes exquisite images grace the camera. All the elements align – light, colour, mood, story and emotion bring forth an image which speaks. These gifts are treasures; not treasures to be stolen. We need to wait until we are offered them. It’s like feeding a wild animal – you hold your offerings at a distance and wait for them to approach. When they do, it is truly a gift.

My photographs ask more questions than they answer and invite people to linger a while and contemplate the wonders that are all around us. I aim to draw out light, beauty and the inner essence of the subjects I photograph. I use the camera to explore mystery and express emotions, never to capture the surface of a situation or document reality. Time slows down and I have the privilege to connect deeply with the person or subject that I’m photographing in order to tell a little of their story.

My work has changed the emotional landscape of homes and businesses in Australia, UK, Europe, USA and Africa. Creating, exhibiting and teaching art and photography has been my life and passion for the past 25 years, I’m the author of “Art Equals Happiness”.

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