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Ben Tither

Hobart TAS

My work attempts to bridge the gap between drawing and sculpture by utilizing computer systems that allow for a multiplicity of form.

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About Ben Tither

The concept developed from a linear method of drawing that starts from a central loop and grows outward, accumulating information from all preceding loops. These loops can be read topographically, which allows me to produce accurate three dimensional models from my drawings. I then use computer software to convert my model into language of code for a machine router to decipher. It processes the coordinates and cuts with millimeter precision the material of my choosing.

The Closed Loop series is made entirely from Tasmanian oak. Each work is assembled by hand from hundreds of individual pieces, like a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. This process is a carful one. Although i do not reference the landscape directly, Tasmanias beautiful topography is my main inspiration.

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