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Ben Musgrove


I enjoy being creative. With my recent paintings I am motivated to interpret the ever changing relationships between natures elements of landscape, of water and of sky.

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About Ben Musgrove

With my painting I tend to describe myself as an abstract impressionist.
I feel my paintings have evolved in more recent years to reflect the mood of the subject, to tell a story or provoke a response from the viewer.
I studied practical art in year 12 at school and then visual arts at University which have always been the main influence in my understanding and appreciation of the story of art and the great artists.
To interpret the elements of nature has always been a motivation for me and not necessarily to record its reality.
I grew up on a farm which has given to me an understanding of the impact of seasonal change, how beautiful nature can be in one minute and then how quickly the weather can transform a landscape. Similarly I find the sea and the power of the wind also provide a sense of drama that I like to explore. I like using light, shade and colour to set the mood of the painting and sometimes find introducing a sense of direction or movement within the painting can help to tell the story. It is the mood of the painting, the feeling of balance or the lack of balance that I like. With some pieces it may be a feeling of calmness that I explore and hopefully this helps the viewer or a particular room form a connection with the painting.

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