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Belinda Nadwie


Belinda Nadwie is an abstract artist known for her bold and vibrant colour choices that often reflect her emotional, psychological and spiritual experiences.

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About Belinda Nadwie

Belinda Nadwie works with oil paint, charcoal, spray paint and oil crayons. She captures a spectrum of moods – from quiet, melancholy moments of indigo and teal to rapturous swathes of Persian pink and saffron. The viewer can choose where they sit in this vast spectrum of emotion; whether they gravitate towards the darkness or the light.

The artist paints intuitively without preconception, each work reading like a painterly stream of consciousness that allows the viewer fleeting glimpses into her inner world. Her paintings are reflections of where she is at any one time, with the day, the mood and the inspiration spontaneously coming together in a colourful union.

“Colour and balance are my passion. My expressions are all feeling–based. Although the works are non-representational, there are moments in which physical landscapes flicker across the canvas, reminding us of the enduring force of nature.”

There is a maternal, nurturing modality to the works as Nadwie draws from her experiences of motherhood. Pastels and whites represent innocence, joy and love while also channelling a sense of spirituality, the prominent use of light like transcendental beacons from another world.

For Nadwie, her paintings express the subjectivity of positivity, symbolising the power of the mind in choosing a positive outlook despite our challenging lives. Energetic, abstracted applications of paint infuse the work with an enduring optimism, as the artist reflects ‘it’s about being at peace with oneself, being present in the moment and embracing light and positivity.

By presenting the purity of self–expression, Nadwie’s paintings ultimately offer a raw and natural respite from our fast–paced technological lives.

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