Basia Nowacki

Blue Mountains NSW

These artworks dance between spontaneity and deliberate action. The foundation, anchored in organic landscape, the movement, artfully placed illustration.

Artworks: 20

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About Basia Nowacki

My creative practice is an expression of the transformative power of yoga and meditation manifest through abstract painting and illustration.

Using my experiences in different natural environments as a starting point, I work with the unpredictable medium of alcohol inks to create abstract works with unexpected forms and vibrant earthy colours that mimic the patterns and textures of nature. Working in this way, my practice in itself becomes a form of meditation where I let go of all expectations and agendas to allow myself to become a vessel for creation to manifest through me. The spontaneous nature of the medium of alcohol inks is balanced in a duality with the intentional layering of the illustrated patterns and forms I map on the picture plane, which are intuitively drawn following the rhythm and feeling of the abstractions beneath.

The processes I employ in my pieces therefore reflects the meditative path, from the openness and rawness of our essence and pure awareness, to focusing in and being fully present with the specific moment of creation.

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