1 Spring In My Heart 春天在我心2000au 76cmx76cm Convas Oil Painting

Baoping Zheng

Sydney, NSW

I’m Beau, an industrial designer, sculptor, and painter from China.

I made a living designing electronic device, furniture, ceramics and so on in China.

Since moving to Australia to be with my family, I will now focus on creating art.

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About Baoping Zheng

I do not want to simply reproduce what thousands upon millions of others have done; I do not want to simply reproduce nature, but seek to express my inner feelings and my understanding and thinking of the world, of the future, of nature, and of life through art.

I paint and make sculptures. I like to use the language of modernism to express, but I disagree with the typical ugliness one finds in modernist art.

My art will consist of beauty, profound thoughts and creative forms.

I believe in the importance of having a sense of music, a sense of rhythm, in art

I believe that although technique is important for visual art, it is not the be all and end all.

The sunshine and the sea of Australia left me in awe, and I will try my best to capture that sense of wanderlust in my art.

For now, this website will feature my art, and I hope soon it will include my sculptures too.

I certainly hope that you can accept my art. Your every word of appreciation, and every criticism fuels my passion for art.

God bless me and you.

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