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Arna Baartz

NSW Australia

I love mark making. My mission is to spread that love as far and wide as I can. Every mark is valuable. Express yourself! Scribbling is art and art is necessary for a fully functional society, so scribble and contribute!! that’s what I say 😉

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”
~ Picasso ~

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About Arna Baartz

I make art, marks, scribble and play. My art is frivolous and serious, big and small, conceptual and nonsensical it is a conundrum, eclectic and wild. I love to express myself truthfully and art making helps me do that. I love being abstract, (my thoughts often are!) and I also love sweet, decorative art. I challenge myself to draw and paint realistically too sometimes, it can be very satisfying.

I think the main reason I am an artist is because it has helped me connect with my inner being, my ineffable heart being. It has made me more aware of my emotional and spiritual world and inadvertently led me to better connections with others and find my space in the world externally. It is all about the way we see things…. Art helps to train my eye to see my world with a kind of poetry that keeps me entertained and fascinated!

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I have big dreams, a studio in Paris (I love painting in France!) learning the language, challenging myself in all sorts of ways. I want to bring art and art making, free to the people, an Art Park is on my list and a school of expression… see BIG dreams. I love to connect and have lots of fingers in lots of pies, communicating with thousands of people all over the world, exploring prompts and collaborative opportunities.

I have published many books and resources, arts related and also as part of my emotional intelligence development business, Kids In Touch/ The I AM Program. Another beautiful baby of mine.

I paint and draw every single day, I also take commissions and draw for logos etc I enter art awards (have won some and been selected for The Black Swan Prize for portraiture) I exhibit constantly from my studio at M-Arts Precinct in the middle of Murwillumbah in Northern Rivers NSW

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I do believe dreams come true and artists can make a living while they are still alive 😉 because I watch it happen daily.

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