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Anica Amphlett

Mollymook, NSW

Anica creates art inspired by nature, hoping to invoke the emotion in you, that nature breathes through her.
Combining both realism and spontaneity it’s always a joyful quest to transfer that feeling to the two-dimensional surface!

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About Anica Amphlett

Anica Amphlett is a self-taught visual artist living on the South Coast of NSW best known for her paintings of Australian birds, animals and flora.

” I love to paint all things to do with nature, birds, animals, flowers, landscapes and seascapes. I strive to capture that “zing” and continually stop-start waiting for that moment when my work makes that elusive connection with my soul, and then… hope it will touch you too!

My process involves being inspired by something I have seen, taking photos, but ultimately relying on the ambience I remember, as it is this memory or feeling, that I strive to see again in my artwork! I like an element of realism in my paintings as well as a splash of impressionistic spontaneity often destined to the background. I want my paintings to make people feel happy and evoke emotion as it does in me!”

​A bit about the past:

Back in the year 2000 when living in the Blue Mountains, I painted a series of twenty-three paintings of birds, animals and flora in watercolour gouache on black mat board. To my good fortune literally thousands of prints were sold and shipped around Australia and to many countries around the world. All this was a result of being inspired by my Church Pastor who encouraged me to do something I love!

After moving to the South Coast of NSW in 2003, life imposed some challenges and painting took a back seat.
In recent years since 2016, my passion for painting revived again, and now I’m back at my easel doing what I love most!

Subject matter isn’t confined to native birds, animals and flora as there is so much, beauty and inspiration in rural life and the immediate surrounds of the pristine South Coast beaches.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit!

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