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Anica Amphlett

Mollymook, NSW

Anica creates art inspired by nature, hoping to invoke the emotion in you, that nature breathes through her.
Combining both realism and spontaneity it’s always a joyful quest to transfer that feeling to the two-dimensional surface!

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About Anica Amphlett

Anica’s aspirational path is in creating artwork that speaks to you through a visual plain to an emotional but positive feeling. Her colours are slightly subdued mirrored in her soft and embracing persona. Inspiration comes from dawn to dusk from birds, animals, flora and the rich, diverse, landscape, appreciating that every piece of land anywhere is home to someone.

Starting out in her teens, with formal art education not being an option, books, paints and encouragement, in particular from her late mother were a huge asset.
Early works were in oils using a music stand as an easle. Enthusiastic on-lookers were happy to purchase paintings and commissions were welcome. Over the years Anica explored various mediums including acrylics, pastels and gouache. Some 20 years ago Anica painted a series of highly detailed bird paintings in gouache on black, with originals and prints sold and sent all over the world.

In recent years the love of watercolour has taken over. Anica sees watercolour as an incredible medium with characteristics like no other medium. The translucency of watercolour can be so amazingly captivating. The amount of detail that can be achieved is staggering and yet the hardest thing to achieve is simplicity. It is this pursuit of simplicity and capturing that two-dimensional emotion that she strives for in her artworks and making them affordable for everyone.

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