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Hey hey! Angi here, I am Insatiably curious, endlessly passionate Art lover, fine arts painter and multimedia designer, forever chasing that next ah-ha! moment.

I believe keeping an open mind and embracing ambiguity are key aspects to solving design problems.
With experience across UX design, fine arts, digital marketing and brand design are my core skills. I love working on products where the user is at the heart of the design. In addition, in the fine arts world I am represented under the name of Artdosis as a highly fine arts painter recognised by the AVAP, AIAP UNESCO. Being an active member of this association has helped me to reach national recognition in my country, taking pride of national artistic invitations, participating in collectives, fine arts Auctions for fundraising next to artists from different backgrounds and highly trajectories.

Brisbane-based, my work objective is to make an impact through my art, I am highly interested on humanitarian causes and technology.

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About Angi DLAPIU

my name is Angi Castillo, I am a multimedia artist and fine arts painter from Venezuela. as an emerging artist with a professional trajectory represented by the AVAP (Venezuelan Association of Plastic Artists) endorsed by the AIAP UNESCO, located in Caracas, Venezuela.
Being an active member of this association has helped me to reach national recognition. Participating in artistic collectives, Auction and private salons with other amazing national and international artists.
All this creative adventure started from my childhood, ruining walls with colours and being a creative mess, I received support from my parents to study fine arts in the main art cultural house centre in Venezuela at the age of 9 years old. What started as a hobby became my passion, and my self-curiosity allowed me to develop interest towards my environment. The human behaviour, people’s expressions, and the daily lifestyle and small things that makes us human. In my artwork’s influence you can find powerful colours, portraits and expressions.
In addition, through my artistic discovering process about the art and its huge world. It got also influenced by the new launching of technology and interactive design, since then I have been studying and working on digital trends, linking technology with traditional art and motion.
After a long way I decided to go around the world to keep developing my artistic path and grow as an artist and person, discovering and living the Australian culture. I am based in Brisbane Australia, working as a full time artist and I am very excited to see what is coming next. Currently I am working on the launching of my new art collection, you can follow it searching #LoveIsYellow

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