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I am a Brisbane-based visual artist . I can easily imagine my own interpretation without being hindered by the reality. With a conceptual approach, I try  to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, to involve the viewer in a way that they believe in the idea of my work. I love to use bold bright colours . I feel that the painting is a success when it oozes with colour and energy. Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy what you see!!!!

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About Angela Mulligan

I’ve always loved art which expresses an opinion or idea.
Mainly self taught , my passion led me to formal studies. I obtained Visual arts certificate in the early eighties.
My paintings are often a reflection of my childhood memories and my take on everyday life experiences. My personal emotional state or mood can often infiltrate my work – where loneliness may be expressed as elements on a crowded beach without any human presence or leaving faces blank for the viewer to fill in the missing emotion which they can connect with.
My inspirations come from everyday life , an assortment of animals, nature, people and places . I use animals as a great subject matter to express the humourous side of life. Their personality evolves as the painting takes shape and form.
I am inspired by colour, shapes and movement.
I love experimenting with mixed mediums ,oils,acrylics,pastels and inks to create different styles and textures.
I have won several first prize awards and have sold many cherished pieces.
I am still on my journey and are ever evolving.

Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy my Art !!!!I

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