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Andy Wild


I picked up the brushes and began painting in earnest some time ago having left behind friends, family, London and financial journalism for life down under. I now live in Brisbane with my wife and son

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About Andy Wild

I’ve always been fond of the macabre and absurd and I just can’t seem to paint anything without an edginess. The mundane appeals to me more than stereotypical beauty. And if there is one genre I always come back to, it is portraiture.
In terms of techniques, I’ve experimented a lot, an awful lot. Oil paints and mediums bring out the alchemist in me. As a self-taught artist I’ve spent years experimenting rather than refining one process. The only consistent factor is the use of oil paint. I like its slow drying time and unique handling. Acrylics are an incredibly versatile and less volatile medium, I like them too but I always go back to oils.
As an otherwise easygoing sort of fellow this painting business can bring out the Hyde in me, perhaps that’s a good thing. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve vowed never to paint again, turning my back in disgust. As ever though I sheepishly return, the amnesia sets in and I am soon filled with hope, excitement and profound satisfaction as I start working the surface; maybe this will be the one.

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