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Amy Kim

Melbourne VIC

Melbourne based emerging artist, longing to open a dialogue between herself and other individuals through artworks about beauty of multifaceted identity, undefined feelings and mundane daily life of ours.

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About Amy Kim

Amy Kim is a Melbourne based visual artist, searching for and exploring her multicultural identity through the process of creating art. She was born in Seoul and moved to Melbourne in 2000 to study fine art at the Victorian College of Arts majoring in painting. She has worked across a range of creative industries after graduating including theatre design, art directing, interior decoration and graphic design.

After a long break She recently returned her heart to painting to continue to learn and explore all the unknowns in herself and the world around her. She practices her art by exploring and experimenting with a range of different styles of paintings.

Her abstract paintings are mainly inspired by the endless episode of mundane days and her memories of people, objects, events and feelings which are painfully subjective but longing for objective appreciation. Her memories can be vague, undefined, untamed, disorganised and fragmentised, but feelings of the memories are rather sharp, vivid and bold. Her appreciation for the particularity of nature, its contrast in harmony, imperfectly perfect beauty, vulnerable but resilient, and essence and existence, is what she is hoping to share through her paintings.

Her subject matter is slowly moving towards the multicultural identity in woman that she has become more aware of how it has affected herself and other females in their lives. She plays with unidentified yet familiar colours and shapes to represent all the conflicts she creates between those different roles to fit in this simple but chaotic world. They are juxtaposed, layered and interwoven to make a balance to fit in such forms. She wishes to make a dialogue between all the gaps in our society by sharing her experiences and art.

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