Amica Whincop

Araluen, QLD

Amica’s work mimics a meditative lullaby, allowing you to free your feelings while you lose and find yourself in the beauty of experience.

Artworks: 26

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About Amica Whincop

Hi! I’m Amica. I’m an abstract artist that harnesses Japanese principles of simplicity and “Ma” to create original fine art rich in depth and emotion. My compositions activate the senses, allowing immersive visual experiences that transport you outdoors straight into nature’s arms.
I have a Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Visual Art, a Diploma of Graphic Design and a bachelor-turned-husband that makes sure I’m caffeinated and well-fed when I’m losing time in my artist’s shed.
Each painting is an intuitive visual language that speaks directly to your soul, recreating natural sensations to weave stories of rolling ocean waves, flowers in bloom and golden light filtering through the trees. It’s nature; in paint.
Inspired by nature, I use unpredictable materials such as water-based acrylics and ink and pair them with spontaneous, intuitive marks and controlled randomness to infuse a divine, sacred energy into my art.
Once the first splash of paint hits the canvas, it’s intuitive. I release control. Surrender. The paint takes on a life of its own, flowing and winding across the canvas with the unpredictable beauty of colour, form and texture. Seconds shift into minutes. Minutes transform into hours. And, eventually, we both emerge: Complete and ready for the next transformation.
This process becomes the underpainting and the foundation for my final composition.
Harnessing the Japanese concept of “Ma”, meaning ‘interval’ or ‘the space between’, I use white space to bridge chaos and calm while I lovingly pare my art down to its absolute simplest form, without losing its beauty and meaning.
The final composition is refined and minimal, the negative space just as important as what was left behind, creating a balance of beauty and peace.
It’s sacred. It’s raw. – from my soul to yours.

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