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Alison Baillache


Art is food for the soul! I love producing creative works in a variety of formats. I am inspired by the beauty in nature and the unlimited essence of emotions and ideas.

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About Alison Baillache

Nature is a big motivator and I love displaying its’ beauty and the experience of immersion in the natural world.
I love a broad variety of expression: nature, the environment, emotion and even quirky ideas. My work is often computer based. Sometimes, I start with a photograph or some form of photographic input and then bring it together in the 2D world. At times, I begin with a blank screen and draw everything from scratch with a 2D paintbrush.
A teapot can be a memorial to a lost mother or a tribute to a living gran. A park scene can be a reminder of a young love or a bygone era. The world is an amazing place.

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