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Alexandra Thornton


A marine life illustrator and marine biologist merging art and science.

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About Alexandra Thornton

I am a marine artist and marine biologist with the aim to merge art and science. I have drawn for as long as I remember and have a bachelor in visual art and honours in marine biology. Science and art are all too often separated, when I believe they are one and the same. Nature is the original artist and science is the language with which we have to understand and comprehend the incredibly complexities of the natural world.
I am lucky to be able to work on the Great Barrier Reef and am presented with inspiration for my art each day. Being a fierce ocean conservationist I naturally turned to marine life as a focus for my art. Each drawing is done with Derwent Procolour pencils and depending on the detail of the piece takes me about a week to complete. Each illustration is an accurate depiction of the marine species in the image. I research each species I draw to have a better understanding of the life history of the animal, and each artwork I sell also comes with that information to help each buyer connect and understand even further the artwork they have purchased. With understanding and appreciation comes a sense of responsibility, which I hope to evoke in my buyers.

If there is a marine animal that you would like me to draw, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to take commissions and feel honoured to be able to draw the species you already feel a connection with. It is exciting that I get to participate in deepening that connection.

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