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Aldona Kmiec

Ballarat + Melbourne

Aldona Kmiec is a Polish-born Australian artist based in Ballarat and Melbourne. She often roadtrips to remote locations where she creates her photographs.

Artworks: 40

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About Aldona Kmiec

a good photograph is one that makes you feel

“I think of my photographs as pages of an unfinished book that is yet to find its title: they appear, stack up, populate my personal space quickly and reveal themselves in dreams. They are like living organisms – they communicate and connect with other photographs and take on their own path. My photographs belong to both abstract inventions of my imagination but are also documentary. They either happen organically or are improvised and used to convey or question our choices, beliefs and convictions through language, knowledge and behaviour. My photographs are both illustrative and symbolic, inviting the viewer to move into a space of discovery. “

Aldona Kmieć is an award-winning, Polish-born Australian photographic artist based in Ballarat and Melbourne. Inspired by her childhood, spent on a farm in communist-era Poland, Aldona’s imaginative works show the human psyche bursting from the natural world. Blending technique and imagination, her knack for capturing the character and ambience of a place is what makes her artworks so unique and distinctive.


She is a finalist of Bowness Photography Prize, Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women, Winner of Eureka Art Awards, Head On Photo Festival and more. Her story and artworks have been featured on The Design Files Australia, Better Homes & GardensAustralian Country Magazine and The Block 2019. 

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