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Alanah Jarvis


We are compelled to look out at large bodies of water as it can induce a mild sedative state. I hope to bring this sense of calmness to your space with my oceanscapes.

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About Alanah Jarvis

I started working on boats at 14 years of age and did so for over 15 years. Now living in Bayside , Melbourne, I use oils as a medium for my artwork and have been described to “spiritually encompass abstract into reality” through my oceanscapes . The ocean brings a sense of calmness and clarity and I hope to portray this in my artwork, capturing the essence of its rolling movement and light on its surface. My most favorable compliment has been “I am terrified of the ocean, but I can see how people find it soothing by looking at your art”
Growing scientific evidence states that being in, near, under or on water can change sensory input into our brain inducing a mild sedative state, its why we are compelled to stare out at large bodies of water. It is no wonder many humans have devoted their lives and careers to being at sea and have done so for centuries. I hope for these oceanscapes to bring thought provoking happiness to your space with many memories made around it!

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