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Aida Taha

Sydney, NSW

Artist, architect and Interior designer based in Sydney, highly skilled in watercolors, Oils, and Portraits.

Artworks: 24

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About Aida Taha

Aida Taha is an artist, architect, and Interior designer based in Sydney.

As an artist Aida’s work is diverse, it is not confined to one style or one medium, she enjoys working and exploring all mediums and styles, but she has a special interest and is highly skilled in Watercolor.

Her mission is to capture the beauty around us in everyday life, be it a flower, a landscape, an emotion captured in a portrait, or a detail of an object in an unusual place, she is always in the search for something that challenges her as an artist.

Influenced by her architect father, she displayed artistic talent from the age of 6.

She studied architecture, and worked on a variety of projects, in international consultants and developers firms overseas.

In 2009 she took a break from architecture to raise her twin boys, then later in 2016, she decided to become professionally dedicated to art, her original passion.

By being part of Artlovers Australia artists, her artwork “Alia” was chosen to be in the last episode of “The Block” TV show 2019, which was a great chance of exposure.

She also participated in the “Global Association of watercolor artists” International online watercolor competition in 2018, and she got an award for her painting “Fruit and Cheese” as one of the best 50 of the show from around 500 entries from prominent watercolor artists around the world, she will continue to explore local and international competitions, as a way to develop a strong base of international followers and make a presence in the art world.

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