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Andrea Edwards: A Sense of Calm in Art

Art Lovers | 5 December 2020

“Our precious earth informs my art – infinite and wonderful, delicate yet powerful.
Impressions, intuition and the feeling of places in our natural world guide me.”

Andrea Edwards’ art is like a window to an abstract world filled with nature, light and strong emotions. Her art has a focus on the natural world around us with botanical elements and references, atmospheric colours and composition.

“[I draw inspiration from] everything from our natural world through to textiles. Textures, colour and the impression or feeling of places all influence my work,” Andrea said. “Inspiration arrives in a variety of ways and timings; with a rich flourishing feeling, abundant and sometimes full of detail, possibility and movement.”

Evergreen White Chairs

Evergreen | 120 x 120cm | Acrylic on canvas

Andrea was fortunate in her early life as both her home and school environment created a supportive base for her artistic aspirations and creativity. Life took her through various usual occupations over the years and it was the perfect timing of all these events that led her to become the artist she is today. Now she works with acrylic paints, mixed media and additives while continuously experimenting and developing her practice with new mediums.

She describes herself as “inspired, joyful and intuitive” and her art as “ambient, contemporary and original”. “[My artistic style is] textural abstract from expressive botanicals, atmospheric, rustic sea/landscapes through to more minimalist tonal works. Mark making and gestural brush work are common features [throughout]. [I love] creating works that hopefully people find nice to be around.”

Flower Field | 76 x 38cm | Acrylic on canvas

This primarily self-taught artist emerges herself in her creativity unreservedly. If the art world was a bug, she would have been badly bitten, as she said herself. It is the never-ending journey, limitless options and fearless experiments that keep her hooked. And the fact that art in all its forms can transform a space, create a mood and awaken a memory.

Southern Land Calico Lounge

Southern Land | 153 x 102cm | Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

“To work intuitively and not be self conscious is the best. Each work develops a personality of its own. When I return to look and keep getting a really joyful or peaceful feel, that’s the charm of it,” she has described her art and practice. And it all comes across perfectly in her paintings. The feel of joy, peace and the sense of inner warmth is present just as she intended.

Garden With Roses High Rise Glass Table

Garden With Roses | 76 x 76cm | Acrylic on canvas

“I also like to sit with my [paintings] for a [while]… and observe how they seem in different light conditions and everyday life to know the mood they give rise to. Then it’s clear if they’re ready to go to their new home.”

“When I exhibit, people often say as they gaze… a sense of calm comes and is with them. I think this is a good and naturally beautiful thing… yet, not something [deliberate].”

Eucalypt With Concrete Wall Mustard Chair


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