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6 Art Trends Shaping 2024

Art Lovers | 12 April 2024

Written by Danielle Pezzi | BFA (Hon), MA


Art Lovers Australia would love to take you through the colourful World of Contemporary Art in 2024.

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This year, we’re in for a treat with many stimulating trends that are taking over the creative scene. From feeling nostalgic to getting eco-conscious, the art trends of 2024 have something for everyone. So, let’s dive into six trends making waves in the art market this year.

1. – Dopamine Core: Bold and the Beautiful

This trend celebrates vibrant colours, exciting compositions, and engaging stories. Artworks in this style are full of life and make you feel something immediately. Artists dive into creating pieces that stimulate your senses, making you feel like every brush stroke is bursting with emotion. There is a growing demand for bold artwork that brings out strong positive emotions like joy and excitement in your everyday environment. This is why the style is aptly named “Dopamine Core,” 2024 is all about giving you that feel-good rush through art.

Art Trends 2024 Trop3 934×1024

Tropical Symphony by EVA PEARL | 101 x 60cm, Acrylic on stretched canvas (Diptych – 2 artworks)

2. – A Contemporary Take on The Past

In today’s fast-paced art world, artists are rediscovering and reconnecting with art and its traditions from the past. This trend breathes new life into classic techniques, artworks and movements, offering a fresh perspective on timeless themes. Whether it is a modern spin on old styles or reimagining famous artworks, this trend brings together the best of the past and present. This trend bridges the gap between the past and the present, inviting art lovers to explore the richness of art history through a Contemporary lens.


Ladylike by JAQ GRANTFORD | 180 x 120cm, Oil on canvas, Framed

3. – Originals Over Print

In the current climate, where everything seems to be mass-produced and easily replicated online, there’s a real craving for authenticity and unique original artworks in the art market. Over the last year, there has been a fundamental shift in the market of people choosing to invest and spend on original work over printed editions for their collections. This trend champions the value of craftsmanship and individuality, encouraging artists to embrace traditional mediums and techniques.

Lr 09 Ovata Form Ii Smith And Brooks Art Smith&brooks Abstract Landscape Art Australian Comtemporary Artist Brown Art Tactile Art Swamp Gum Melbourne Native Plants Ready To Hang Art

Ovata Form II by SMITH & BROOKS | 93.2 x 63.2cm, Acrylic & cotton on canvas, Framed

4. – Hypersentimentalism Movement

Over the last couple of years, the art market has shown an increased desire for art that touches peoples’ hearts and makes them feel something profound, so much so that this phenomenon has been called the “Hypersentimentalism Movement”. Hypersentimentalism is all about exploring feelings of nostalgia, closeness, and the bonds between people. Artists dive into these emotions through powerful images and stories, helping viewers think about their feelings and the fragile nature of life. It’s about connecting with our deepest emotions and understanding what it means to be human.

Tracey Taylor Floor Play Final

Floor Play by TRACEY TAYLOR | 120 x 120cm, Acrylic on canvas

5. – Small but Large: Powerful small-scale artworks

In 2024, there is a rising trend for small-scale power artworks. Despite their size, these pieces pack a punch, captivating viewers with their intimate yet impactful designs. Artists embrace the challenge of conveying big ideas in small spaces, creating captivating compositions that demand attention. From intricate miniatures to delicate mixed media, these artworks showcase the potency of subtlety and detail, proving that greatness can be found in even the smallest forms.

Rob Rek Skull Headphones Art Trends 2024 Ala

Hear No Evil by ROB REK | 25 x 30cm, Synthetic polymer paint on fine weave canvas

6. – Sustainability

Artists are adopting sustainable methods and materials in response to urgent environmental issues. This shift signifies a deliberate move to reduce waste, lessen ecological harm, and champion eco-friendly art. They are creating pieces from upcycled materials and organizing exhibitions highlighting environmental themes, all to raise awareness and spark positive action. This showcases how art not only mirrors society but also has the potential to drive significant change towards a more sustainable future.

Briefcase 768x1024

The Fallen – A Briefcase History by RICK TAILBY | 27 x 24cm, French polished & bleached Scotland Island Red Gum & brass hardware sculpture

The art trends of 2024 blend innovation, tradition, and social awareness. From bold to subtle, each trend offers a fresh take on contemporary art. These trends show how creativity reflects and is inspired by today’s world.

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