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Art Lovers Australia: Proud Suppliers to the Block 2019

Art Lovers | 3 August 2019

Art Lovers Australia has been chosen as the key art supplier for the The Block 2019.

Online art gallery Art Lovers Australia has been working hard alongside The Block 2019 contestants to ensure their rooms meet the judges’ high standards.

If you’re anything like us and you’re on the edge of your seat every week waiting for the room reveal, then consider how the founders of Art Lovers feel. Not only do they have a good idea of what the rooms look like in advance, but they’ve had to keep this knowledge secret for months.

Block Group Pic

Art Lovers Australia is one of Australia’s largest online, curated galleries with more than 10,000 quality pieces of art from almost 500 emerging artists.

“We’ve loved working with The Block and all the contestants, helping them choose art for the huge spaces of The Oslo has been an amazing experience,” says co-director Nancy.

“Choosing art can be a challenging and very personal process. What one person loves, may not be liked by another. We’re not just providing the artwork, but helping contestants find art that suits their personality and the room,”

“Art can inject personality and colour into a space and we encourage people to use art to complement and enhance the overall design of their home”


About Art Lovers Australia

Nancy and Jarrod

Art Lovers Australia is the The Block’s 2019 key supplier of artwork. Each week the contestants choose artwork from the Art Lovers online gallery to enhance and complement their renovations. Their online gallery allows them to support a huge number of emerging and mid-career artists. More artists are constantly being added to their collection, as new talent is discovered and shared with other Art Lovers. Art Lovers Australia is based on the founders shared love of art and a genuine desire to see artists thrive.

Art Lovers Australia works alongside Hoverlay, which puts the power of augmented reality in the hands of individuals. Through its app it is possible to visualise how a piece of art would look in your own home.

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Hoverlay Sq


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