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Art is freedom: beautiful words from Tabitha Stowe

Art Lovers | 25 June 2019

By Sunnefa Hamar Penning


“Art is freedom…I believe we are all creative.” – Tabitha Stowe

Western Australian artist Tabitha Stowe never planned on becoming an artist, it just happened, the art came to her.

I have always been drawn to anything creative. Painting brings “freedom of expression”. My soul was born to be creative and work in the arts”. The self-taught artist has a refreshing style that is a mixture of neo classic and abstract expressionism. Her personal style is ever evolving and true to her character she takes this in her stride “I am still trying to work it out… the Tabitha style”

20190617 183855

Out Back (150 x 150cm, Mixed media on canvas)

Tabitha’s journey to becoming a painter was an artistic one. After studying fashion and textiles she started out as a visual merchandiser livening up shop windows around the city of Perth before moving into home décor design. It wasn’t until 2002, when Tabitha’s love for painting and talent as a painter was noticed and her career took an unexpected turn.A friend who works in design saw me painting and asked to put some of my pieces in the showroom”.

Roses In China (46 x 46cm, Limited Edition print)

Although that sounds like an ideal pivot, cracking the industry and shifting careers was no easy feat. I think it’s been one of the hardest careers to crack as we are taught that art is for recreational purposes or to do in our spare time”. This did not discourage Tabitha and her passion and daring spirit propelled her forward.“Art is freedom…I believe we are all creative. It can be laying dormant wanting to be expressed. Art is about you expressing yourself… there are no rules”.

Follies (1)

Ballerina Follies (107 x 123cm, Mixed media on canvas)

This fierce attitude is reflected in some of her paintings where she is represented and the adventurous rebel inside Tabitha shows her true colours. “Some of my illustrations express my childlike personality and a yearning to escape into fantasy. My Japanese muse is my alter ego dressed in her magical attire. I am a fan of all things exotic, decadent and lavish in the natural world”.

Sachi (50 x 100cm, Limited Edition print)

Inspiration to paint comes from various angles including places, people and process.“Looking at art in general gets me creative.Seeing the end result of an idea in my mind to paint, how amazing it could be and how it may bring someone joy looking at it”. She could be walking down the street and be completely excited by something gorgeous and feel compelled to run home to recreate it in a new form. “I tent to pick female figures and nature as my topics. I believe the worlds need more gentleness and unconditional love. I live in a sort of imaginary world were animals and humans live as one at peace.” Tabitha is also very inspired by music.

I Am Goddess (42 x 59.4cm, Limited Edition print)

Being an eclectic artist means that Tabitha doesn’t stick to one form of process “I like opposites”. She likes painting in acrylics, pastel and ink, however her methods are varied. “My favourite process is photographing objects, combining the images together and then blowing them up to hand paint my creations. My abstracts are an expression of freedom without confinement to express the beauty all around me”. This unconventional approach results in a lavish, exuberant and resounding finish.

The Mermaid and the Penguin (46 x 46cm, Limited Edition print)

Tabitha’s work has already received international recognition with private collections in New York, Chicago, Texas, London and Germany, and throughout Australia. The most popular works include her follies, expresses and dames. “They are my beautiful and exotic ladies. I love creating glamorous and beautiful things. I also love painting on a big a canvas. Again, no confinement”.

20181205 130517

Giovanna Empress (107.5 x 246cm, Acrylic & ink on canvas)

Looking ahead Tabitha dreams of continuing her growth in the international market, travelling overseas and exhibiting in the best galleries. She invites us to imagine her future and with her words she draws a beautiful picture of her vision.“I would like to hold outdoor exhibitions under the twilight evening with a canopy of drop lights, music, wine, in in an exotic place…write books for children and illustrate them”. What a beautiful life, there truly is freedom to be found in Tabitha’s art.

20181205 130517


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