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Art is All Around for Aida Taha

Art Lovers | 22 October 2019

by Sunnefa Hamar Penning


Aida Taha the Sydney based painter and arts enthusiast was destined for a life in the arts. With an impressive career behind her in architecture and interior design, she is now living out her dream painting full-time in her home studio in Sydney. Growing up in Jordan in the creative environment her father, an architect and her biggest inspiration, provided made for a nurturing and playful childhood where Aida could grow through artistic expression. In her inspired playground with art materials at arm’s length, young Aida started drawing and painting from the age of six. During her formative school years the young artist drew cartoon characters and portraits for her fellow classmates and it wasn’t long until art became her identity. By then she knew that a career in the arts was the path she wanted to pursue.

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Aida Taha

Fascinated by animation, fashion design and fine arts she was torn between the choices that lay before her. Feeling inspired and influenced by her father, Aida decided to study architecture. “Architecture is considered to be the mother of all arts, and it gave me the strong base of knowledge in technique and in software as well as history of art and architecture, it provided me with the solid ground I needed, I feel I can work in any creative field based on that, and it gives me great fulfilment”. Working in the field of architecture for over 14 years all over the world provided her with opportunities to work on projects that pushed her creatively.“I worked on major regional and international projects, I got to do a lot of architectural and Interior design, presentations and rendering using traditional techniques like watercolor, and digital software like Photoshop”.

Petals 2

Tulips (59 x 44cm, Watercolour on paper)

In 2009, after the birth of her twin sons, Aida took a break from architecture to dedicate time to raising her children. In 2016, after moving to Australia, Aida decided tore-invigorate the artist within and dedicate herself to fine art. Working from her home studio she began painting, experimenting with materials and techniques. Being new to the industry and country, it didn’t take long for Aida to find her feet and sense of community. “In the start of my art career, and in this relatively short time after coming to a new country, I feel so lucky to have found Art lovers Australia and its amazing passionate team, who provided me with the opportunity to showcase my art to a larger audience“.

Paradise (120 x 76cm, Acrylic paint and ink on canvas)

Inspired by the beauty that surrounds her in everyday life in the landscapes she paints, an expression of a subject captured in a portrait or the intricate details of the flowers she draws.“I think art should be involved and represented in all aspects of life, art is not just in painting and creating artworks, art has to touch you and move you, it is present in designs and all kinds of creative works, and I believe we should never lose the original base of aesthetics, it should evolve with time and not decline as we are seeing in some of the new trends in different fields”. Being a full-time painter allows Aida to be herself completely, to feel content and accomplished in life.Being an artist defines who I am, and gives me great fulfillment, it was a passion that grew with me and evolved through the years… even when I used to work in architecture the thing that also signified my work was my artistic sketches of my design ideas and the watercolor presentations of most of the projects I was involved in”.

The Village (90 x 90cm, Oil on canvas)

Aida’s choice in materials is diverse using oils, pastel, charcoal and watercolour. “I feel comfortable with all of them, but my favorite is watercolor because of its delicate intricate nature, it’s considered challenging for many artists because of its unpredictable results and untamable nature”.Her passionate, sensitive and expressive style is not defined nor confined but rather open to adapt and focus on the subject of each piece. “I would think my style strives to capture the beauty of the objects in my work, and it is more on the realistic classic side, and sometimes hyper realistic, as I have a passion for beauty and aesthetics, this is basically what signifies all my works”.An example of the level of hyper realism Aida refers to can be seen in her piece “Fruit and Cheese”. The piece was submitted to the “Global Association of Watercolour Artists Competition 2018” and chosen as one of the best 50 works of the show. The piece is also an Art Lovers favourite and is featured in the 2019 Art Lovers Australia Book.

Drifting (60 x 90cm, Oil on canvas)

Aida looks to the future with optimism and determination. She hopes to excel on her journey as a painter,to share her gifts and to leave a legacy behind. “Like every artist your goal would be to establish a presence in the art field, and maybe in the world. To create a mark, something that your friends and family and a larger audience will remember you with in the years to come”. You never know what surprises a woman with her talents has got in store. We look forward to supporting Aida Taha as she continues to flourish on her journey.

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