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Melbourne Artists

  • Light 1

    `Morning Light` – landscape watercolour painting


    or 4 payments of AUD$162.50 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Violetta KurbanovaAdd to cart
  • `North & South` – original seascape painting


    or 4 payments of AUD$162.50 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Violetta KurbanovaRead more
  • Img 7181



    or 4 payments of AUD$220 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Cameron ForsythAdd to cart
  • ‘Clams and Damselfish’ – An Ocean View of a Coral Reef


    or 4 payments of AUD$112.50 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Jenny BerryAdd to cart
  • ‘Interloper’ – Cat Painting


    or 4 payments of AUD$249.75 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Jane IannielloRead more
  • “A blue Wave” – Maroubra Beach – Mahon pool – Storm


    or 4 payments of AUD$162.50 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Violetta KurbanovaRead more
  • Violetta Kurbanova Boat 1

    “A boat” – seascape watercolour painting


    or 4 payments of AUD$117.50 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Violetta KurbanovaAdd to cart
  • “Arcadia” – Original oil painting (Large)

    Sold By: Bonny HutAdd to cart
  • Blue Boat Fnl 1

    “Boat” – seascape watercolour painting


    or 4 payments of AUD$145 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Violetta KurbanovaAdd to cart
  • Maroubra Clouds&waves 1

    “Clouds & Waves / Sydney Maroubra Beach” – seascape watercolour painting


    or 4 payments of AUD$162.50 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Violetta KurbanovaAdd to cart
  • Cloudy Day 1

    “Cloudy Day” – seascape watercolour painting


    or 4 payments of AUD$162.50 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Violetta KurbanovaAdd to cart
  • “Coogee Beach” – seascape watercolour painting


    or 4 payments of AUD$130 with Afterpay

    Sold By: Violetta KurbanovaRead more

Australia is full of truly talented artists; but, unfortunately, too many of them go unnoticed due to understandable yet frustrating caution on the part of traditional art galleries.

Owing to the fact that there are relatively high risks and costs associated with investing in emerging and less well-known artists, most galleries are simply not in a position to offer them a foot in the door.

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As part of an attempt to ensure that the difficult nature of starting out as a professional artist doesn’t cause talented individuals to fall out of love with their passion, here at Art Lovers Australia we’re proud to have created a vibrant community of like-minded individuals where emerging artists can share their work, become inspired, and even begin to make sales and turn their love of art into a career.

The Latest Work from the Newest Artists

At Art Lovers Australia, the web-based nature of our business means we’re not restricted by the costs and risks usually associated with taking on new artists. This means that we can select art to sell based purely on merit and quality, and not on the reputation of the artist.

As a result, the art for sale by Melbourne Artists art lovers will find on our website comes from an extensive range of different emerging and mid-career Australian artists.

Discover Melbourne artists Abstract Anouk, Aditi Sharma, Alba Skellern, Aldona Kmiec, Anne-Maree Wise, Bonny Hut, Briony Joy, Cameron Holmes, Carol Zsolt, Chelle Destefano, Deborah O’Loughlin, Evelina Pastilati, Fern Siebler, H. Lin, Helen Joynson, Ivana Gigovic, Ivana Pinaffo, Jacquelyn Stephens, Jane Downing, Jemma Attwater, Jenny Davis, Johanna Wilbraham, Joseph Villanueva, Josephine Ann Pitsiava, Kathy Best, Kirsty McIntyre, Kristyna Dostalova, Laural Retz, Li Zhou, Liliana Gigovic, Logan Moody, Lynne Godina-Orme, Mahyat Tehrany, Maria Al Zoubi, Maria Cross, Maria Radun, Matthew Broughton, Max Horst Sokolowski, Monica Egan, Nadia Culph, Patricia Ann Hillard, Ray Besserdin, Rehgan De Mather, Roz McQuillan, Sabi Klein, Sabina D’Antonio, Sally Davis, Shahana Kiran, Sharmain Lowe, Treena Seymour, Wenhai Ren and Zdravko

When it comes to finding new art by Melbourne artists , Melbourne residents can be sure they’ll find unique and unusual work from artists they would otherwise probably not have heard of when they shop at Art Lovers Australia.

An Art Gallery Melbourne Artists Can Trust

As mentioned above, here at Art Lovers Australia we take as much pride in offering unknown artists opportunities to make their breaks in the industry as we do in providing art lovers with great works of art.

If you’re one of the many talented artists in Melbourne who hasn’t yet found a way to get your foot in the door, we can provide you with the chance you’ve been looking for.

When they get involved in the community at our online art gallery, Melbourne artists are able to begin taking the first steps towards making a living out of their passion.

If you’re interested in becoming the next Australian artist to kick-start their career with the help of Art Lovers Australia, contact us today for more information about the submissions process.

Alternatively, if you’re an art lover looking for a new piece of art to add to your collection, simply browse our great range of art available online and place an order for your favourite piece.

We’ll promptly deliver it straight to your front door wherever you are in the Melbourne region!

Art Lovers is Australia’s leading supplier of art by Melbourne artists,  art for sale online. we specialise in acrylic paintings, landscape paintings, colour photography, fine art prints, mordern art paintings & surrealist artwork. Check out our art galleries in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra Melbourne, Sydney & Hobart.

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