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Art For Sale Adelaide

South Australia has a growing art community making it’s mark on the Australian Art Scene.

Smelling Roses

Smelling Roses by SARAH PHILIP

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Find Stunning Art for Sale in Adelaide

Here at Art Lovers Australia, we welcome everyone to our online art gallery in Adelaide. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dedicated art collector, an aspiring artist, someone who paints as a hobby, or you’re looking to acquire your first-ever art piece. We created Art Lovers Australia to be a community that anyone can access, be creative, and thrive with a shared passion for art.

Since we first opened up our online art shop, we’ve had support from numerous Australian artists who wanted to display and sell their work on our virtual platform. We have everything from drawings to photography and paintings to prints. We even aim to sell sculptures in the near future.

The Art Lovers Australia community is only going to keep on growing which is why our plans for the future keep on growing. With continued support from artists and art lovers, we want to offer workshops and even retreats so that everyone with a passion for art can connect in person as well as online.

How to Select Art from a Gallery in Adelaide

Our online art shop in Adelaide was lovingly created by artists, for artists and the lovers of art. This is a community and safe place for everyone to come and sell or buy art online. Our goal was not only to help artists raise their profile but to also show art lovers all the incredible, undiscovered works of art that are available to them outside of the galleries.

When you’re deciding which art piece to purchase next, remember that art will not only draw your eye, but it will also move your body. You can use art to guide and direct guests around a space. The careful selection and placement of art has the ability to draw people in and take them on a journey.

If you go to a physical art gallery in Adelaide, it’s very easy to get an idea of the size of artwork as it’s standing right in front of you. You might think that it’s harder to understand the size of the art you’re looking at when browsing online, but we have a clever solution that’s even better than seeing physical art in a gallery.

Why not see the artwork in your space? Using our Hoverlay app, you can view the art in our online gallery, right on your own walls. This means that you’re able to accurately check the size and see exactly how it’s going to look in your space before you commit to the purchase.

Online Art Shop in Adelaide

When buying art, the most important thing is to always follow your heart. If you do that, you’ll fill your space with things that you love and create a place that makes you truly happy. We’re opening the art world up to a whole new way to buy and sell art with our online marketplace and we want you to be involved.

Go online and view all the amazing, undiscovered art we have on offer, and don’t forget that you can email if you need to ask a question.

Art Lovers is Australia’s leading supplier of art for sale online. we specialise in acrylic paintings, landscape paintings, colour photography, fine art prints, mordern art paintings & surrealist artwork. Check out our art galleries in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra & Hobart.

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Here are 24 South Australian artists to watch.

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We all know that the world is full of highly talented artists who, for one reason or another, simply never managed to find their break in the industry. And whilst few artists are motivated by money, without a platform the dream of having an artistic career can quickly become impractical as well as frustrating.

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