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Let us help you bring inspiration to a space and make your vision a reality.

Buying art isn’t just about finding something pretty to hang on the walls. It’s about making thoughtful art selections that tell the unique story behind every space and we are the creative art consultants to help bring that story to life.

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Whether it’s for a personal home, art for corporate offices, healthcare facility, hotel or a resort, our art consultancy team will work tirelessly to create an unforgettable experience, mood and culture.

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Art Consultants in Brisbane with a Difference

Welcome to Art Lovers Australia, where our mission is to share our love for art and help all artists thrive. Because our gallery is online, we’re capable of supporting a much greater number of emerging artists that physical brick and mortar galleries could ever imagine housing. Nothing gives us more pleasure than discovering new talent that we can share with our fellow art lovers.

As art consultants in Brisbane, we don’t just want you to buy art because it looks nice. We want you to purchase art with a much deeper meaning. We’ll take you on a journey and help you discover the story and meaning behind art so you can select something that deeply resonates with you and your values

Every artist deserves a chance to be seen and have their art discovered and that’s exactly what we’re here to enable. Helping art lovers connect with artists is a true pleasure. Having grown up being exposed to art, we think it’s important that everyone has the ability to express themselves either through the creation or procurement of art.

How Can a Brisbane Art Consultant Help Me?

Art consultants should always be impartial and have your best interests in mind when selecting art for you. Having a knowledgeable art consultant by your side has an amazing ability to enhance the art collecting adventure and ultimately leading you to the perfect piece for your collection.

A good art consultant in Brisbane will know what’s hot right now, but also, what might not be so hot tomorrow. Art is an investment which means you need to be thinking long-term, not short-term, about your purchase.

The background, experience, and connections that an art consultant has will give you an edge when it comes to finding art by artists that are up-and-coming and set for success. Finding the right balance between how new an artist is and their likelihood of future success is an art form of its own that takes years to master and a wealth of experience and knowledge that you can only get from a Brisbane art consultant.

Depending on the size of your art collection or whether you’re looking for art as part of a much larger design project, an art consultant will be able to create the look and feel you’re aiming for. It’s no secret that art can set the tone for a room, and art consultants in Brisbane can be valuable members of design teams.

By working with architects and interior designers, Brisbane art consultants can create the environment you’re looking for and perfectly place the ideal art pieces within it. Even if you’re simply looking for an art piece to complement an existing room, no challenge is too big or too small for an experienced art consultant.

Speak to an Experienced Brisbane Art Consultant Today

Connecting with an art consultant is the first step in the process of finding you the perfect art piece. We have hundreds of up-and-coming artists in our online gallery that are sure to make a great investment. To begin the search for your next piece of art, you can contact us at

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