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Summer Drift Front Hi Res 800x796

Summer Drift – Amanda Cameron


Artworks ideal for calmness and a tranquil space. This collection takes viewers on a journey inside to what brings them inner peace.

2020 09 08


Art Lovers 5 800x822 1 600x617

Journey of Life – Grace Brown


Open up your eyes, heart and mind to find comfort with Mother Nature. This collection is an expression of the Earth and the beauty found all around us.

2020 09 08~

Img 8794 2 600x595

On A Journey – Ivana Gigovic


Experiment with colour to add creativity to your space. Capture the enriching magic of crisp sunny days, to create a comfortable ambience with Art.

Natural earthy pops of pastel soft pink blush tones evoke a sense of  earthiness and playfulness. Think brighter and bring an inviting touch of elegance to any interior big or small.

2020 09 08~

Ink Emerald 600x600 1

Ink – Emerald – Jane Long


Green represents growth, harmony and fertility.

Just as the flowers grow and bloom each year, green symbolises nature and the Earth. Whether the space needs a little more freshness or a burst of brightness, this collection is timeless and beautiful.

2020 09 08~

Img 20200728 152309 800x619 1 600x464

Autumn Surprise 2 – Susan Trudinger


Perfect for any space that needs a fresh and lively spark.

This collection takes viewers on a journey to the outdoors and ignites the senses.

2020 09 08~

Pride In The Name Of Love

Pride (In the Name of Love) – Shana Danon


Colour allows us to create our own individuality and flare.

Colour is all around us and every colour has its own personality. If you’re looking to express yourself through colour or add a spark of brightness to your life, the Colour Punch collection does just that.

2020 09 08~

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