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Browse our specially curated Art Collections and discover an artwork perfect for you.

Whether you are a seasoned collector of artwork or just getting started on your collecting journey, Art Lovers Australia has something for everyone. Our curated art collections feature artwork from artists across Australia, bringing together pieces that will inspire and delight.

From landscapes to abstracts, figurative works to still life – we have a wide selection of genre and styles for you to choose from. Whether you are after a piece to fit in with the existing décor of your home or an artwork that will add character and style, Art Lovers Australia’s curated collections have something for everyone.

Most importantly, we hope you find art you connect with!

20230517 095554 800x528

A Mesmerising Feast by ANAHITA AMOUZEGAR


The For the Foodies Collection is here to facilitate your love for everything food. Experiences surrounding food are some of the most impactful in one’s life, whether it is your favourite home-made meal after a long day at work, your guilty pleasure, the time you waited an hour for the best croissant in Paris or a simple Sunday family dinner.

This collection aims to inspire those memories and glorious feelings.

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In The Garden 800x791 3 300x297

In the Garden by DAMON KOWARSKY


The trend towards organic modern interiors shows no signs of wavering.

In fact, rooms decorated with organic materials and muted colour palettes are more popular than ever. Jump on the organic bandwagon with an artwork you connect with, then style from there.

We have put together a collection of artworks that embrace that natural feel and colour palette.

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Carita Farrer Spencer Bold Bouquet 71 X 53 Cm Acrylic On Wood



As well as symbolising global luxury, the Affordable Luxury Collection also caters to individual definitions of the concept.

Whether your luxury is fast cars, international holidays, designer apparel, or famous Australian artists, Affordable Luxury has an eclectic collection of works embodying various forms of lavishness at a more accessible price.

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Coffe Main 800x800 1 300x300

Coffee with a view by CHARLIE NANOS


For many cultures around the world, sharing a cup of tea or coffee isn’t just about refreshment—it’s an opportunity for meaningful conversation over something warm and comforting.

We’ve based this new art collection around tea, coffee and sweet treats. Our goal was to capture the sense of warmth and comfort that comes with sharing these drinks through iconic imagery.

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Martin Breeze Rocketman 800x800 1 300x300

Rocketman by MARTIN BREEZE


It’s no secret that pink is having a major moment right now. From neon pinks to cool millennial pinks, this hue is popping up everywhere, including in art.

Whether you’re looking for a piece that’s dominated by pink, or one with subtle hints of the hue, incorporating art with pink into your décor will add a fun and stylish touch. Browse this latest collection and you may be surprised by what you discover.

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Simone Thomson Marrup Biik Spirit Land W183.1 X H122.1 Cm Sand Acrylic On Cotton Canvas Framed Black American Ash 4 (1)

Marrup Biik – Spirit Land by SIMONE THOMSON


For centuries, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists have used traditional painting styles and, more recently, contemporary designs to transfer knowledge, tell stories, and express their culture. These artworks not only contain beautiful imagery but also hold powerful spiritual meaning and cultural significance.

Through these artworks, stories of Country, Dreamtime creation, and connection to the land can be shared. These often intricate artworks are more than just aesthetically pleasing — they are an important part of culture and identity.

Browse our latest collection and discover artworks you not only love, but also connect with.

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20210815 172955 800x1598 (2)

Captive to own desire – ANAHITA AMOUZEGAR


An Exploration of the Human Spirit

Do you love portraits and figurative artwork?

Please enjoy our selection of artist’s work using their own style and media to convey their interpretation of the human essence.

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Ha4 11 600x400

Colour Void – FRANKO


Want to make a statement with your art choice? Think about buying large abstract paintings.

A well-styled, welcoming home is one that is full of art in each and every room. Buying large, statement abstract artworks are perfect because they can be interacted with purely according to their aesthetic values. Formal artistic elements within a painting such as line, color, texture, shape and pattern, can set the tone, so to speak, for an overall design by creating a visual language for the room.

We have brought together a collection of artworks to help get you started on discovering the perfect artwork for your space.

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Evelyna Helmer Boys With Flowers 300x249

Boys with Flowers – EVELYNA HELMER


Embracing Spring with colour and warmth

A new season is here, so as we put Winter behind us we can soak up and enjoy both warmer weather and blooming colours.

Our latest curated art collection showcases artworks to bring the warmth back to your space with plenty of florals, nature and warmer colour palettes.

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Fathers And Sons Front 600x477

Fathers and Sons – AMANDA CAMERON


Forget the cold and transport yourself back to the days when you didn’t need over three layers of clothes to leave the house.

Our latest curated art collection showcases artworks to bring the warmth back to your space. Whether you’re after a large, abstract, statement artwork, seascape, figurative painting, fine art photography, Australian landscape or something else, there is sure to be an artwork here for you to love.

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Furor Poeticus 20.1020 1 Contrast 800x541 (1)

Furor Poeticus by TILLIAN


Do you love the outdoors? Do you also love abstract paintings?

Why not merge the two in your art choices with an abstract, landscape artwork.

The natural world has always been one of the most celebrated settings for artists to draw inspiration from. Breaking away from the traditional rules of landscape art and abstracting the landscape completely transforms the conceptual definition of what landscapes can be.

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034 P 56x76 You Who Dwell In The Gardens 2 Small 800x1085 (1)

You Who Dwell In The Gardens 2 by LILY NOVA


Do you have, or are considering, turmeric and pink in your styling?

The colour turmeric is the kind of colour that can catch the eye making a space fresh, fashionable, youthful and exciting. Turmeric is an enlivening orange that boasts notes of warmth and bitterness.

So when looking at another colour to match and compliment it, pink makes a great companion.

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Apples 800x806

Still Life With Red Apples – USHA BACHHIL


Do you love stillness?

The beauty of still life is it shows us a new way of looking at the everyday items that surround us. Ranging from items of the natural world to those crafted by human hands.

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456 Waitting For Transportation Copy 110cm X 91cm 800x669 (1)

Waiting For The Ferry – ALAIN C CHARDON


Do you love art that’s a bit dreamy and surreal?

We have put together a collection of works with a Surreal twist for those of you looking for an artwork that’s a little bit different. Our artists are putting a modern spin on the theme, with vivid and imaginative pieces.

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Donkey Orchid And Flame Pea Nicola Cowie 800x782

Donkey Orchid and Flame Pea – NICOLA COWIE


Similar to a painting or drawing, handmade, limited edition prints can offer a uniqueness for art collectors.

Aside from original art Art Lovers Australia offers limited edition prints for sale. But don’t let the word print put you off.

Handmade prints created using traditional printmaking processes such as linocut, screen printing and etchings are also available in limited editions to purchase.

We have put together a collection for you of works from Australian artists embracing these traditional printing processes.

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Breakwall1 600x493

Breakwall – EZ LARMOR


Adding artwork to your hallway can make a statement.

Big or small, even busy thoroughfares can benefit from an artistic presence. A hallway may seem like lost space, but it can be a prime location for a personal art gallery. If the hall is the transition from the outside world to the inner sanctum, the gallery can set the stage for, and hint at, the style of the rooms to come.

Detailed, delicate works will encourage pause for thought and a new perspective.

There’s many effective ways to use art in a hallway and here’s a collection of work to consider and provide inspiration.

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Im Only Sleeping 800x600 (2)

I’m Only Sleeping – SUSAN BOYLE


Are you a cat or a dog person?

It is a common idea that everyone is a dog person or a cat person. You’re either drawn to dogs or drawn to cats,….there is no in-between.

Here’s a collection of artworks from our Art Lovers’ artists for everyone, no matter what your dog or cat preference.

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X100 800x933

Minimal Black and White (Diptych) – NATALIE GREEN


Buying a diptych or simply a pair of artworks from the same series by an artist can be a great design solution when decorating your space.

Hang them side by side or further apart, it all depends of the configuration of a room and the composition of the artworks.

Browse our curated collection of diptych artworks and pairs from the same series by an artist.

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Surf Hour 1 Tulika Das Ocean Art 300x297

Surf Hour – TULIKA DAS


Are you looking to bring the outdoors inside?

Looking for ocean art?

Check out our selection of Australian ocean art to make you feel that beach vibe.

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Img 3804 800x1067 (2)

Slumbering Woman by NATASHA ZRAIKAT


Figurative art represents images we recognize from the world around us, sometimes faithful and exact, others completely distorted.

This collection of work brings you a selection of artworks viewing the human form in a variety of ways and mediums.

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20 Beach Life 1 800x624 1 600x462

Beach Life by JOHN PEARSON


Are you yearning for those warm Summer days?

Here’s a collection to suspend belief, and place your mind and soul back in those warmer months.

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72e34626 58ea 48bf 8be4 7f2a958251af 800x812 (2)

Rain falls for wind by PAUL PARKER


Get some street cred’

Here is a collection we’ve put together of artists using traditional street art techniques, as well as those inspired by the work of artists they’ve seen down the laneways in cities like Melbourne.

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Theclimb Crop 800x973

The Climb by AILEEN NG


In love with shapes?

Geometric art or geometric abstraction is a form of abstract art based on geometric forms like lines, angles, and other shapes.

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Img 1571 1024x665 1 300x269

Hommage to Kline: Dahlia – DAMIEN PASQUALE


Large wall art can change the feel of a space.

There is no better way to bring personality to a room than by adding artwork. This will say more about you and your style than any sofa, cushion or table lamp could ever do.

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Art Under $200 Maria Radun Art Lovers Australia Still Life

Sweet life – MARIA RADUN


There are plenty of amazing, original artworks available for $200 or less.

Start, or add to, your art collection today.

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Rebecca Hill Art Lovers Australia Bird Artworks

Morning Hustle – REBECCA HILL


Birds are able to capture the human imagination.

Look to the skies above for inspiration and beauty.

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Meow 03 1024x725

Egyptian Meow: Celebration – IKUKO MADDOX


Love the look and feel of artworks on paper?

This collection brings together artworks from artists who love to create with paper as their base.

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Louise Isackson Artist Key Gmajor 800x790 1 600x593



Artworks under 50cm

Here is a collection of small artworks for a shelf, bookcase or wall.

What you discover may surprise and delight you.

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