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Art Collections: Size Matters

Large wall art can change the feel of a space.

There is no better way to bring personality to a room than by adding artwork. This will say more about you and your style than any sofa, cushion or table lamp could ever do.

We have put together a collection of statement art pieces to consider when styling a room.

De Mather Rehgan Mother Is The Name For God

Mother is the Name for God (Reprise) by REHGAN DE MATHER

Need help selecting large, statement artworks?

Read our article “Say Something with a Statement Art Piece” for tips when buying a large artworks.

2021 04 29

The Collection

Statement Art For Sale

Enchanted River by GABRIELA AZAR SCHREINER | 198 x 122cm


Tania Chanter Low Plains Blush Landscape Artwork 1024x962

Low Plains Blush by TANIA CHANTER | 153 x 61cm


Dion Parker Large Artworks For Sale

A fairly accurate painting of my brain by DION PARKER | 150 x 200cm


Feed Your Imagination Inst 800x800

Feed Your Imagination by LYNNE GODINA-ORME | 178 x 123cm


Shirley Framed 600x791

Shirley by ANDREW CAUSON | 93 x 155cm


Jessica Holliday Symphony 800x459

Symphony by JESSICA HOLLIDAY | 162 x 104cm


Abstract 300 Insitu4 600x500

Flamenco by TATIANA GEORGIEVA | 182 x 90cm


Konstantina Tidesareturning 800x1218

Tides Are Turning (Blak Enough) by KATE CONSTANTINE | 155 x 110cm


Img 2604 600x385

Summer Rain by CATHY SOFARNOS | 122 x 183cm


Vitae Field X E

Vitae Field X by JACQUELYN STEPHENS | 184 x 153cm


A Gentle Space Cheryl Harrison 13 1024x1024

A Gentle Space by CHERYL HARRISON | 155 x 90cm


Martin Breeze Hunting Season Insitu 600x400

Hunting Season by MARTIN BREEZE | 220 x 100cm


Estelle Asmodelle Creative

Number 78 by ESTELLE ASMODELLE | 180 x 180cm


A75d3d0e 4c32 4ee1 8cf5 9a6184ce8b0a 1 201 A 600x811

Southern cross.. by TOM ROSO | 144 x 204cm


David White Artist Large Abstract Paintings Art Lovers Australia Red

Maralinga landscape by DAVID WHITE | 183 x 122cm


989dc926 D7be 405c B116 77648b818f8a 600x409

Colourscape by THEO PAPATHOMAS | 200 x 153cm


Img 1571 1024x665

Hommage to Kline: Dahlia by DAMIEN PASQUALE | 180 x 200cm


Abstract Wall Art For Sale By Petra Meikle De Vlas2 800x685

Reef Passage by PETRA MEIKLE DE VLAS | 204 x 102cm


Ha4 42 600x400

Heroes and Romance by FRANKO | 208 x 108cm


Belinda Nadwie Large Abstract Art Believe It 2 1024x769

Believe It by BELINDA NADWIE | 220 x 110cm


The Magnificent One.ap00156

The Magnificent One by GRAEME STEVENSON | 120 x 160cm


Tantra In Room 800x692

Ngatso by STEPHANIE LAINE | 183 x 122cm


Vanessa Mae Artist Statement Artworks Wild Emerald 800x476

Wild Emerald by VANESSA MAE | 153 x 92cm


Carita Farrer Spencer Floral Road Diptych Insitu With Lounge 2 600x450

Floral Road (diptych) by CARITA FARRER SPENCER | 182 x 122cm


User 15212 Jayne Curle 2020 08 13 T 04 43 52 106 Z Run Baby Run Email Res 1800x720 Acf Cropped 1 600x240

Run Baby Run by JAYNE CURLE | 152 x 76cm


Jeremysartwork 09 800x694

The Dam by JEREMY METIVIER | 180 x 140cm


Wtf Waterfire 200x97 1024x433

WTF – WaterFire in our Land by ALEJANDRA SIEDER | 200 x 97cm


Kristyna Dostalova Artist Large Abstract Paintings Blue Last Goodbye Art Lovers Australia

Last Goodbye by KRISTYNA DOSTALOVA | 152.4 x 121.9cm


Sanddunes Insit 1024x640

Sand Dunes by KATHLEEN RHEE | 244 x 183cm


Img E7301 800x392

Lord Byron by MARY CONDER | 183 x 92cm


Dinah Wakefiled Artist Waiting For That Morning Light 1024x576

Waiting for that Morning Light by DINAH WAKEFIELD | 183 x 92cm


Img 0347 800x663

A Different Side Of Me by BRONWYN BARTON | 160 x 133cm


Ross Morgan One Portrait Of Murali K Thullari 817x1024

One by ROSS MORGAN | 121 x 152cm


Woven Ocean 5 Web 800x1189

Woven Ocean by ARJA VALIMAKI | 125 x 186cm


60336087 2039539013015626 4946768221421174784 O 600x749 (1)

Mermaid Sunset by COURTENAY KAY MCCUE | 96 x 186cm


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