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Affordable Luxury


Curated by Danielle Pezzi | BFA (Hon), MA


As well as symbolising global luxury, the Affordable Luxury Collection also caters to individual definitions of the concept.

Whether your luxury is fast cars, international holidays, designer apparel, or famous Australian artists, Affordable Luxury has an eclectic collection of works embodying various forms of lavishness at a more accessible price.

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Flap Bag with Top Handle by AYLEE KIM – 40 x 50cm | Oil on canvas

See more art by Aylee Kim


Leanganook Forest 77x100 1 600x779

Leanganook Forest by MICHAEL WOLFE – 81 x 104cm | Acrylic on canvas

View more by Michael Wolfe


Carita Farrer Spencer Bold Bouquet 71 X 53 Cm Acrylic On Wood

Bold Bouquet by CARITA FARRER SPENCER – 53 x 71cm | Acrylic on wood

See more by Carita Farrer Spencer


Palm Springs Pool by BRETT GOLDSMITH – Available in 4 sizes | Fine Art Photography

See more by Brett Goldsmith


Img 8877 922x1024

Majestic Sunrise by THEO PAPATHOMAS – 180 x 120cm | Oil on canvas

Discover more by Theo Papathomas


Stephen Baxter War What Is It Good For Gold H46 X W44 X D8cm Front 2

War! What is it good for? by STEPHEN BAXTER – 44 x 46cm | Sculpture

Discover more by Stephen Baxter


Img 3242

Fragrant Duo by DEBRA SPENCE – 19 x 26cm | Pastel drawing on Pastelmat

Delight in more by Marcel Desbiens


Minolta Digital Camera

Classic Beauty, Past and Present by MARCEL DESBIENS – 87 x 28cm | Oil on canvas on wood panel

Delight in more by Marcel Desbiens


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Ferrari Testarossa 1959 by JAVI SANCHEZ – 120 x 90cm | Acrylic on canvas

Discover more by Javi Sanchez


Mela Cooke Polkadot Diva 2 1024x1024

Polkadot Diva by MELA COOKE – 14 x 29cm | Bronze sculpture

See more by Mela Cooke


K Rigby 038 Lescarpedelledonne 800x800

Le Scarpe Delle Donne (The Women’s Shoes) by KEVAN RIGBY – 61 x 61cm | Watercolour on board

Shop for Art by Kevan Rigby


River Bank

River Bank Gold by LAURIE FRANKLIN – 76 x 101cm | Acrylic on canvas

View more by Laurie Franklin


Jeesoo Kim Most Iconic James Bond Watches Rolex5513 Main Image (2)

Iconic James Bond Watches : Rolex 5513 by JEESOO KIM – 108.6 x 159.4cm | Pen on paper

Discover more by Jeesoo Kim


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Sacred Branding by BRENDAN WALSH (COLDGHOST) – 77 x 88cm | Mixed media on canvas

Shop art by Brendan Walsh


Gda Valk Jeska A Thread Of History Rgb (1)

A Thread of History by JESKA VALK – 100 x 110 | Oil on linen

View more art by Jeska Valk


Alicia Cornwell Spectrum Melb Garden Snippets It Takes A Village 800x608

Garden Snippets of care – It takes a village by ALICIA CORNWELL – 110 x 85cm | Oil on canvas

Shop for art by Alicia Cornwell


White 1

Chanel No 5 – Corbeau by DEBORAH O’LOUGHLIN – 70 x 110cm | Mixed media on wood

See more by Deborah O’Loughlin


La Pentola Doro 800x991

La Pentola D’Oro by DORIANO LOPRESTO – 97 x 120cm | Oil on canvas

View more by Doriano Lopresto


Bondi From Icebergs 1024x351 2

Bondi from Icebergs by TREVOR SALISBURY – 121.8 x 40.6cm | Acrylic on canvas

See more art by Trevor Salisbury


Latimer Julee Fractured Main Image 1024x1024

Fractured by JULEE LATIMER – 48 x 48cm | Acrylic on wood

Visit Julee Latimer’s shop


The Gift Revisited

The Gift Revisited by TRISHA LAMBI – 40 x 50cm | Oil on linen

Discover more by Trisha Lambi


Img 0690 800x792

Teal kaleidoscope by GUZALIYA XAVIER – 91.4 x 91.4cm | Acrylic on canvas

Shop art by Guzaliya Xavier





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