Photo: "Mei" by STEPHANIE LAINE (122 x 91cm, Acrylic on canvas)

Art Lovers Australia offers both small and large abstract art for sale. Discover work some of the countries best, emerging abstract artists.

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We all have our own tastes in art, but if you love the uniqueness of the shapes, forms and colours that make up abstract pieces of art, you’re going to love the selection of abstract art for sale here at Art Lovers Australia.

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Abstract Art Online

We’ve curated an amazing selection of completely original abstract art online from some of the most talented new abstract artists in Australia. All our abstract art paintings are exclusive to our online gallery; you won’t find them anywhere else in the country.

However, that doesn’t mean to say that our prices are prohibitive. In fact, you’ll find that we sell some of the most affordable original abstract and surrealism art in Australia, right here in our pages.

The Best Abstract Art For Sale

As art lovers, we’ve made it our aim to bring the best of Australia’s new artists to the attention of buyers and art aficionados not just in Australia, but around the world.

We want to showcase our emerging talent in the best possible way and give them a platform to sell their art and thus make a living from doing what they love. In return, art lovers get the chance to own an outstanding original piece of abstract wall art that will not only excite your artistic sense but that has the potential to be a very shrewd investment.

Huge Range of Abstract Art Online

As you can see, the prices for our modern art paintings are very affordable and shipping is free throughout Australia. However, if for some reason there is a problem with your purchase, we offer a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. What could be fairer than that?

Developed by artists for artists and abstract art lovers everywhere

As artists, we understand the excitement generated by new pieces of art. That’s why we’ve put together one of the best selections of abstract art prints and abstract canvas art in Australia, right here on our website.

Original Abstract Art For Sale

Our abstract artists come from all over the country; you’ll find artists who use the beauty of New South Wales and Queensland to inspire their creations, artists who use mixed media including inks, water colours and acrylics and artists who prefer to use just one medium to gain their desired effect.

If you’re a lover of abstract art and you want to own your own piece of original abstract art, you’re sure to find a piece that not only speaks to you, but that is in your budget too.

Calling all abstract artists

All Kinds of Abstract Art Online

If you love to paint abstracts and you’d like to share your results with Australian art lovers, get in touch with us now at or by completing the online enquiry form.

Art Lovers Australia – The Home of Abstract Art Online

If you are looking for the best abstract artwork to suit your space, then Art Lovers Australia can provide you with a marketplace where you can buy from a selection of abstract art paintings from emerging Australian artists.

Designed to support emerging and mid-career artists by providing an online gallery where art can be seen, artists can share their work, and connoisseurs can find the perfect piece for their home or business. Created by artists and art lovers, the unique online space at Art Lovers Australia makes buying art simple for collectors and helps artists to thrive in a comprehensive and successful gallery.

We support artists who create in several styles, so if you are looking for the best abstract artwork created by Australian artists you are sure to find something that speaks to you here.

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract artists began creating what is now considered abstract art paintings back in the late 18th Century. Before this, art had been created on commission by wealthy patrons or institutions like the church and depicted some form of mythical or religious storytelling. Abstract art paintings was an early 20th Century addition to the modernism school of art where realism was not the point – instead, shapes, colours, forms, and gestural marks are used to depict an object, figure, or landscape.

Abstract art paintings are a descriptor used for a multitude of styles-within-styles – everything from the expressionism of Kandinsky to the cubism of Gris, the Constructivism of Gabo and action painting in the style of Pollock comes under the umbrella term abstract artwork.

Seen as a central stream of the modern art movement, some critics have looked at abstract oil paintings and the like in search for hidden moral dimensions where a message of order, purity, simplicity and spirituality can be found in the gestures and shapes that are an abstraction from reality.

In purchasing abstract art prints or abstract canvas paintings, the artist vision might be obvious as in the clean primary colours and straight lines of neo-plasticism, or more open to interpretation like the automatic paintings from artists like Miro. What matters with abstract artists is not how close to reality a piece is, but more how the chosen medium, the canvas, the colours, and the textures work together to tell a story that is removed from the rules of reality.

How to Choose the Best Abstract Oil Painting Art Online?

We have all heard the phrase that “art is subjective”, and while seeing a piece in the flesh is undeniably the best way to get a feel of what that piece means, in our gallery you can get so much more. With over 1,000 quality artists and more than 30,000 pieces of carefully curated art available, we have many ways to help you narrow down your choices.

Once you have an idea about what type of abstract art for sale interests you, we can help you make that final decision thanks to the launch of the Australia-first augmented reality technology that allows you to see how the piece will look when it is hung in your space.

This will help you decide on the perfect piece of abstract oil painting from Art Lovers Australia (leading collections of local artists paintings for sale online), that is just right for you.

We’d love to learn more about you and your work to determine whether our online gallery is the right place to display your work. You’ll find out all you need to know in our FAQ.

Contact Us About Abstract Art

Art Lovers’ original art online Australia not only provides the best paintings for sale online, but also abstract art online, and australian art for sale. View our online art gallery to see our range

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  • Img 3040

    Green Abstract

    Sold By: Kathy BestSelect options
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  • Fineart Longturncreek F

    Long Turn Creek

    Sold By: Jennifer BellAdd to cart
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  • Traceytaylor The Land Final

    The Land

    Sold By: Tracey TaylorAdd to cart
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  • Img 3427

    It Wasn’t Meant to Be

    Sold By: Prue FrostAdd to cart
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  • Cloud Nine

    Cloud nine

    Sold By: Delia VilhelmAdd to cart
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  • Img 0248

    Spring has Sprung

    Sold By: Kathy BestAdd to cart
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  • Img 0682

    Two Tall Trees

    Sold By: Kathy BestAdd to cart
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  • File 000 (2)

    3am Brain

    Sold By: Prue FrostAdd to cart
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  • Two Worlds Collide Insta

    Two Worlds Collide

    Sold By: Lynne Godina-OrmeAdd to cart
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  • Img 1565

    This is Life II

    Sold By: Dom NewtonAdd to cart
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  • Img 8446

    Three Sunflowers

    Sold By: Kathy BestSelect options
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  • 20211025 141345

    Ocean swirl – Textured abstract seascape

    Sold By: Se Eun WinfieldAdd to cart
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